Vocab Unit 8

  1. Assurance
    • Noun: freedom from doubt, self-confidence
    • Syn: promise, sureness, poise, self-possesion
    • Ant: uncertainty, doubt, insecurity
  2. Asylum
    • Noun: an institution for the care of children, elderly people, etc.; a place of safety
    • Syn: sanatorium, sanctuary, refuge
  3. Console
    • Verb: to comfortr
    • Noun: the keyboard of an organ; a control panel for an electrical or mechanical device
    • Syn: soothe, solace, alleviate
    • Ant: distress, aggravate, bother, vex, torment
  4. Dilate
    • Verb: make or become larger or wider; to expand upon
    • Syn: enlarge, expand, swell, prolong
    • Ant: compact, compress, constrict
  5. Dross
    • Noun: refuse, waste products
    • Syn: rubbish, trash, detritus, dregs, scum
  6. Dwindle
    • Verb: to lessen, diminish
    • Syn: decrease, shrink, fade, peter out
    • Ant: increase, enlarge, swell, proliferate
  7. Flippant
    • Adj: lacking in seriousness; disrespectful, saucy
    • Syn: frivolous, impudent, impertinent, insolent
    • Ant: serious, respectful, deferential, obsequious
  8. Immunity
    • Noun: resistance to disease; freedom from some charge or obligation
    • Syn: exemption, impunity
    • Ant: vulnerability, susceptibility, exposure
  9. Institute
    • Verb: to establish, set up
    • Noun: an organization for the promotion of learning
    • Syn: found, bring about; academy
    • Ant: terminate, discontinue, demolish, raze
  10. Liability
    • Noun: a debt; something disadvantageous
    • Syn: handicap, difficulty, impediment, drawback
    • Ant: advantage, asset
  11. Preposterous
    • Adj: ridiculous, senseless
    • Syn: nonsensical, absurd, incredible
    • Ant: sensible, reasonable, realistic, plausible
  12. Pugnacious
    • Adj: quarrelsome, fond of fighting
    • Syn: argumentative, combative, beligerent
    • Ant: peace-loving, friendly, amicable, congenial
  13. Rabid
    • Adj: furious, violently intense, unreasonably extreme, mad; infected with rabies
    • Syn: fanatical, zealous, raving, infuriated, berserk
    • Ant: moderate, restrained, blasé, indifferent
  14. Realm
    • Noun: a kingdom; a region or field of study
    • Syn: domain, duchy, bailiwick, jurisdiction
  15. Rejuvenate
    • Verb: make young again, make like new
    • Syn: revitalize, renew
    • Ant: wear out exhaust, enervate, debilitate
  16. Remunerate
    • Verb: to reward, pay, reimburse
    • Syn: compensate, satisfy, profit, benefit
  17. Sparse
    • Adj: meager, scant; scattered
    • Syn: thin, scanty, few and far between
    • Ant: plentiful, abundant, profuse, teeming
  18. Sterling
    • Adj: genuine, excellent; made of silver of standard fineness
    • Syn: first-rate, outstanding, worthy, pure
    • Ant: mediocre, shoddy, second-rate, sham
  19. Venture
    • Noun: a risky or daring undertaking
    • Verb: to expose to danger; to dare
    • Syn: gamble; try, chance, undertake
    • Ant: withdraw, retire, shrink from, shy away
  20. Warp
    • Verb: twist out of shape
    • Noun: an abnormality
    • Syn: bend, distort, misshape; irregularity
    • Ant: straighten, unbend, rectify
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