Vocab Unit 6

  1. Atone
    • Verb: to make up for
    • Syn: expiate, make amends for
  2. Bondage
    • Noun: slavery; any state of being held down
    • Syn: servitude, captivity, subjection, dependence
    • Ant: freedom, liberty, independence
  3. Credible
    • Adj: believable
    • Syn: plausible, acceptable, likely
    • Ant: unbelievable, implausible, improbable
  4. Defray
    • Verb: to pay for
    • Syn: settle, bear the cost, foot the bill
  5. Diligent
    • Adj: hardworking, industrious, not lazy
    • Syn: assiduous, sedulous
    • Ant: lazy, indolent, cursory, perfunctory
  6. Doleful
    • Adj: sad; dreary
    • Syn: sorrowful, mournful, melancholy, dolorous
    • Ant: cheerful, blithe, jaunty, bouyant
  7. Ghastly
    • Adj: frightful, horrible; deathly pale
    • Syn: dreadful, appalling, gruesome, grisly
    • Ant: pleasant, agreeable, attractive, delightful
  8. Hamper
    • Verb: to hold back
    • Syn: hinder, obstruct, impede, inhibit
    • Ant: facilitate, ease, smooth the way
  9. Hew
    • Verb: to shape or cut down with an ax; to hold to
    • Syn: chop, hack, fell, adhere, conform
  10. Impoverished
    • Adj: poor, in a state of poverty; depleted
    • Syn: poverty-stricken, destitute, indignent
    • Ant: rich, wealthy, affluent, prosperous
  11. Incessant
    • Adj: never stopping, going on all the time
    • Syn: ceaseless, constant, uninterrupted
    • Ant: occasional, sporadic, intermittent
  12. Intricate
    • Adj: complicated; difficult to understand
    • Syn: complex, convoluted
    • Ant: simple, uninvolved, uncomplicated
  13. Lucid
    • Adj: easy to understand, clear; rational, sane
    • Syn: limpid, intelligible
    • Ant: murky, muddy, obscure, unintelligible
  14. Posthumous
    • Adj: occuring or published after death
    • Syn: postmortem
    • Ant: prenatal
  15. Prim
    • Adj: overly neat, precise, proper, or formal; prudish
    • Syn: fussy, fastidious, squeamish
    • Ant: downy, frumpy, sloppy, untidy, loose, lax
  16. Sardonic
    • Adj: grimly or scornfully mocking, bitterly sarcastic
    • Syn: caustic, mordant, acerbic, wry
    • Ant: bland, mild, saccharine, good-natured
  17. Superfluous
    • Adj: exceeding what is sufficient or required, ecxess
    • Syn: surplus, supererogatory
    • Ant: necessary, essential, vital, indispensable
  18. Supplant
    • Verb: take the place of, supersede
    • Syn: replace, displace, oust
  19. Taunt
    • Verb: to jeer at, mock
    • Noun: an insulting or mocking remark
    • Syn: ridicule, deride
    • Ant: cheer, applaud, acclaim
  20. Tenacious
    • Adj: holding fast; holding firmly together; persistent
    • Syn: obstinate, stubborn, dogged
    • Ant: yielding, weak, gentle, lax, slack
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