Conjugation Rules

  1. Conditional
    infinitive verb + et/ir imperfect indicative ending
  2. Present Perfect Indicative
    present indicative haber + past participle verb
  3. Future Perfect
    future haber + past participle verb
  4. Past Perfect (Pluscuamperfecto) Indicative
    imperfect indicative haber + past participle verb
  5. Conditional Perfect
    conditional haber (irregular: habr+ending) + past participle verb
  6. Present Perfect Subjunctive
    present subjunctive (irregular: hay+ending) +past participle
  7. Past Perfect Subjunctive
    imperfect subjunctive haber (irregular: hubier+ending) + past participle verb
  8. Present Subjunctive
    ar verbs get present indicative er/ir endings - er/ir verbs get present indicative ar endings - if ar/er verb has stem change in yo form of present indicative, it carries over to all forms of present subjunctive - for all, 3rd person singular (ud.) of present subjunctive is also 1st person singular (yo)
  9. Imperfect Subjunctive
    ar/er/ir verbs stay infinitive and get imperfect indicative ar endings - er/ir verbs get stem change e-->ie, i-->ie
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Conjugation Rules
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