physicological psych

  1. neuron
    nerve cell
  2. dendrite
    extention from cell body
  3. axon
    single extension that connects neurons
  4. myelin
    covers the axon, allowing neural impulses to travel
  5. nodes of Ranvier
    breaks in the myelin sheath
  6. white matter
    • composed of AXON fibers
    • inside of brain; outside of spial columb
  7. grey matter
    • composed of CELL BODIES
    • outside of brain; inside of spinal columb
  8. synapse
    two nerve cells communication system
  9. bouton
    swollen end of an axon
  10. dendritic spine
    lumps on the dendrite to which bouton can 'connect'
  11. synaptic cleft
    the space in between bouton and dendritic spine
  12. neurotransmitters
    chemical or electrical messages that are passed by neurons
  13. mulitpolar neuron
    many extensions
  14. bipolar neuron
    has two extension; an axon and a dendrite
  15. unipolar/monopolar neuron
    has one extension; invertebrates
  16. central nervous system
    brain and spinal cord
  17. peripheral nervous system
    all your nerves extending from the spinal cord
  18. somatic nervous system
    voluntary muscle responses
  19. autonomic nervous system
    involuntary responses
  20. sympathetic nervous system
    speeds up; uses energy
  21. parasympathetic nervous system
    slows down; conserves energy
  22. meningis
    coverings of the central nervous system
  23. duramater
    • outer meninge
    • thick, durable
  24. arachnoid
    • middle meninge
    • brain's shrink wrap
  25. piamater
    • innermost meninge
    • cant see with naked eye
  26. cerebrospinal fluid
    • flows under the arachnoide and over the piamater
    • provides support
  27. ventricles
    holes in the brain that cerebrospinal fluid can flow through
  28. left hemisphere
    • language
    • non-emotional
  29. right hemisphere
    • math and numbers
    • spacial, location
    • emotion!!!
  30. corpus collosum
    band of fibers connecting the two hemispheres
  31. frontal lobe
    creativit, personality, future planning, concience
  32. perietal lobe
    body sensations
  33. temporal lobe
    • hearing
    • by the temples
  34. occipital lobe
  35. cerebellum
    • ballence
    • baby brain in the back
  36. cerebrum
    • memories!
    • largest part of the brain
  37. cerebral cortex
    • surface of the cerebrum
    • consious thinking occurs
  38. gyri
    top of the folds
  39. sulci
    depresions of the folds
  40. sagittal
    divides the brain into right and left
  41. front
    anterior, ventral
  42. back
    posterior, dorsal
  43. top of the brain
  44. bottom of the brain
  45. sensory info travels
    through posterior horns
  46. motor info goes
    out the anterior horns
  47. thalamus
    controls the autonomic nervous system
  48. hyppocampus
    new memores; processes new info
  49. hypothalamus
    controls pituitary, eating, and pleasure
  50. endorphins
    pain relieving neurotransmitter
  51. reflex
    a single sensory neuron and single motor neuron comunicate through interneurons
  52. neural network
    interconnected neural cells
  53. endocrine system
    the chemical system of communication between the body and brain; HORMONES YEEE
  54. pituitary gland
    • regulates growth and other glands
    • under control of the hypothalamus
  55. lesion
    tissure distruction
  56. limbic system
    • controls emotion
    • hypothalamus, amygada and hippocampus
  57. medulla
    • part of the brainstem
    • regulates breathing
  58. pons
    • part of the brainstem
    • regulates hearing and balance
  59. reticular activating system
    • alerts the brain to incoming signals
    • vertical along the brainstem
  60. midbrain
    • above the pons
    • recieves sensory info and sends it up
  61. broncas area
    • left of the frontal lobe
    • language expression
  62. wernickes area
    • left of the temporal lobe
    • language reception
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