Chapter 2

  1. Cornea
    transparent window into eyeball
  2. aqueous humor
    fluid behind cornea which supplies o2 and nutrients to cornea and removes waste
  3. crystalline lens
    lens inside eye that adjusts focus
  4. pupil
    Black hole inside iris where light enters
  5. Iris
    colored part of the eye, muscle that expands and contracts pupil depending on light
  6. Vitreous Humor
    Transparent fluid filling the area behind the lens before the retina
  7. Rods
    Specialized photoreceptors for night vision
  8. Cones
    specialized photo receptors for daylight vision, fine visual accuity, and color
  9. Myopia
    nearsightedness, the eyeball is too long
  10. hyperopia
    farsightedness, eyeball is too short
  11. presbyopia
    old sight, loss of near vision bc of loss of ability to accommodate.
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Chapter 2
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