Phisiological psych

  1. Psychobiology
    • The study of the
    • physiological, evolutionary, and developmental mechanisms of behavior and
    • experience
  2. •Physiological
    • –studies neural mechanisms of behavior thru surgical,
    • electrical, & chemical manipulation of the CNS (usually in animal subjects)
  3. Physiological
    • •relates
    • behavior to activity in the brain & other organs
    • testosterone & bird song
    • increase in the size of a brain area
  4. Ontogenetic
    • development of a structure or behavior
    • sensitive periods-really important for this to take place
    • male songbird must hear song early in life
    • but won’t sing until the next year
  5. Evolutionary
    • •reconstructs
    • the evolutionary history of a structure or behaviorcommon ancestry
    • two species of sandpipers vocalize in distinct pulses
  6. Functional
    • •describes
    • why a structure or behavior evolved as it did
    • focus on behavior’s purpose
    • males sing to attract mates & defend territories from othermales
    • organism need
    • not understand function- sex was not known to make new babies in our distant
    • ancestors
  7. •The
    alternative position of monism
    • –the belief that the universe consists of only one kind of
    • existence
  8. Materialism
    • everything that exists is material/physical
    • extreme version – mental events don’t exist
    • derate version – mental events are explainable in physical
    • terms
  9. Mentalism
    –only the mind really exists

    •the problem of solipsism
  10. Identity
    • –mental processes are the same thing as brain processes
    • described in different terms
    • e.g., emotional feeling of fright & a particular pattern of
    • brain activation
  11. gregor medel
    pea plants and dominate and recessive traits
  12. sex linked trait
  13. sex limited trait
    present in both sexes but only present in 1 (chest hair)
  14. short 5 htt gene
    depression is more likely with childhood trauma
  15. natural selection
    best traits move on for survival best traits for reproductive success
  16. Artificial selection
    dog breeding
  17. lamarkian evolution
    if you dont use it you lose it
  18. altruism
    helping out others
  19. reciprocal alturism
    helping others cuz the may help you
  20. cerebellum
    may lead to sense of self in a 3-d world
  21. golgi
    –developed new “black stain”

    • – observation of soma,
    • dendrites, & axon in an intact neuron
  22. Cajal
    • – staining via Golgi’s method, artistic talent, &
    • observation of gaps between neurons in infant brains
  23. Soma
    Cell body
  24. afferent message
  25. efferent message
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