final vocab

  1. cadet
    a student at military school
  2. caper
    • -a daring adventure or prank
    • -to leap or frolic about
  3. capital
    • -the official location of a government
    • -wealth in the form of money/property
    • -first and foremost
  4. capitalism
    an economic system based on private ownership
  5. capitulate
    to surender under specific conditions
  6. caprice
    a sudden, unpredictable action; a whim
  7. chieftain
    the leader of a group, clan, or tribe
  8. mischievous
    playful in a naughty or troublesome way
  9. per capita
    per person
  10. recapitulate
    to repeat in shortened form; to summerize
  11. coup d'etat
    a sudden overthrow of government
  12. dilettante
    a dabbler in the arts, a lover of art, an amateure
  13. elan
    distinctive style or flair; enthusiastic vigor
  14. entree
    liberty to enter; the main dish of a meal
  15. esprit de corps
    enthusiasm, patriotism
  16. laissez faire
    an economic doctrine that opposes government; noninterference in the affairs of others
  17. nouveau riche
    newly rich
  18. potpourri
    an assortment of things; a miscellaneous collection; a mixture of flower petals and spices
  19. savoir-faire
    the ability to say or do the graceful thing
  20. tete-a-tete
    a private conversation between two people; without intrusion of a third
  21. abstract
    no realistic; theoretical; a statement or summery
  22. avant-garde
    a group active in the invention of new technology; an innovative group
  23. eclectic
    employing elements from a variety of sources
  24. expressionism
    an art movement that emphasized the artists personal, subjective expression of inner experiences
  25. grotesque
    distorted, bizarre, or monstrous
  26. hackneyed
  27. perspective
    a particular view; a technique of representing three dimensions on a two dimensional surface
  28. representational
    a realistic depiction
  29. surrealistic
    an art movement that produced fantastic imagery and odd combinations of subjects; an oddly dreamlike or unreal quality
  30. verisimilitude
    the quality of appearing to be true or real
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