chapter 8

  1. name the primary organs associated with digestion
    mouth, pharynx, esophogus stomach, small intestines , large intestines
  2. Name 4 accessory organs of digestion
    salvary glands, liver,gallbladder,pancreas
  3. state three main functions of digestive system
    digestion absorbtion, and elemination
  4. define bolus
    small mas of masticated food ready to be swallowed
  5. define Peristalsis
    series of wave like muscular contractions that are involuntary
  6. converts food into a semiliquid
    hydracholric acid and gastric juices
  7. what is the first part of the small intestine
  8. semiliquid food is called
  9. what transports nutrients to body cells
    circulatory system
  10. large intestion can be divided into 4 sections called
    cecum, collon, rectum, and anal canal
  11. what is the largest glandular organ in the body
  12. stores and concentrates bile
  13. the important function of the pancreas?
    produces digestive enzymes
  14. three functions of the liver
    aids metabalism, produces bile, stores Iron and vitamins
  15. where does digestion and absorbtion mainly take place
    small intestine
  16. the salvary glands in and around the mouth are called the?
    pratid,sublingual, mandibular
  17. two hormones secreted by the pancreas
    insulin, glucangon
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