Nervous System

  1. Jobs of the Nervous System
    • Receives information about what happens inside out out of the body
    • Directs how your body responds
    • Helps maintain homeostasis
  2. Neuron
    cell that carries information through the nervous system
  3. Nerve Impulse
    The message that a neuron carries.
  4. Dendrite
    Carries impulses towards the cell body.
  5. Axon
    carries impulses away from the cell body.
  6. Nerve
    Nerve fibers arranged in parallel bundles covered by connective tissue
  7. Sensory Neuron
    picks up stimuli from internal and external environment and converts it to a nerve impulse.
  8. Interneuron
    carries nerve impulses from one neuron to another.
  9. Motor Neuron
    sends an impulse to a muscle and the muscle contracts
  10. Synapse
    • a tiny space between each axon tip and the next structure.
    • when a nerve impulse reaches the end of the axon chemicals are released into the synapse which enables the nerve impulse to cross the synapse
  11. Central Nervous Sytem
    • The central nervous system is the control center of the body
    • Brain-controlls most functions of the body
    • Spinal Cord-nerve tissue that links the brain to most of the nerves in the peripheral
  12. How a nerve impulse travels
    It travels from the peripheral nevous system through the spinal cord to the brain. Brain directs a response back through the spinal cord and back to the peripheral nervous system
  13. The neurons in the brains...
    The brain contains 100s of billions of neurons that are all interneuron.
  14. What helps your brain from injury?
    • The skull
    • Layers of connective tissue
    • Fluid
  15. What is a nerve made up of?
    A bundle of nerve fibers covered with connective...
  16. What are nerve fibers?
    • Axon
    • &
    • Dendrites
  17. What is the function of an axon?
    Sends nerve impulses to other cells.
  18. What does the body's brainstem do?
    It controlls involuntary actions
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