Cells Review

  1. Cell Theory
    • -All living organisms made of cells.
    • -All cells come from other cells.
    • -Cell is basic unit of life.
  2. Cell Membrane
    • -surround the entire cell
    • -made of phospholipids
    • -controls what goes in and what goes out of cell
    • -proteins push molecules in/out
    • -marks the cell
  3. Nucleus
    • -contains most of cells genetic material
    • -controls cell
    • -found in eukaryotes
  4. Cytoplasm
    -Jello inside a cell that contains organelles in it.
  5. Nuclear Membrane
    • -Encloses the genetic material in euk cells
    • -surrounds nucleus
    • -controls traffic (pores)
  6. Cell Wall
    • -A tough usually flexible but rigid layer that surround plant cells.
    • -gives shape
  7. DNA/Chromosomes
    • Chromosome:
    • -organized building of DNA
  8. Golgi body
    • -processes and packages macromolecules, such as proteins and lypids
    • -synthesizes them
    • -sends them to their destination
  9. Vacuole
    • -isolates materials that may be harmful to cell
    • -contains waste products
    • -contains water
    • -maintains acidic pH
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Cells Review
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