Evolution Terms Review

  1. Adaptation
    -Help us survive and reproduce.

    • -Get food.
    • -Not get eaten.
    • -Get mates.
  2. Adaptive Radiation

    -One species put in lots of new environments = many new species.
  3. Convergent Evolution
    -When organisms become alike because of same environment.

    -Same as analogous structure.

    -Shark vs. Dolphin
  4. Evolution
    -Change over time.
  5. Variation
    • -Do not help you survive.
    • -Changes between organisms.
  6. What is a Theory?
    • -A well supported idea.
    • -eg-Gravity, Evolution
  7. Who was Darwin?
    • -Charles Darwin
    • -Discovered evolution.
    • -Famous for the Galagopous Islands.
  8. What is Darwin's book?
    The Origion of Spiecies.
  9. Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection
    • 1. overproduce
    • 2. competition (no 2 organisms are alike)
    • 3. survival of the fittest
    • 4. traits in population will change
  10. Embryology
    -shows that all vertebrates look similar in early development stages
  11. Vestigial Structures
    • -no longer needed
    • -still present in the body
    • -used to be used millions of years ago
    • -eg: appendix
  12. Analogous Structures
    • -2 organisms have parts with similar purpose but different structures
    • -not neccesarily related
  13. Homologous Structures
    • -2 organisms with similar bone/anatomical structures
    • -organisms shared common ancestors
  14. Coevolution
    • -two organisms help each other survive or evolution
    • -eg: gazelle and cheetah
  15. Separation
    • -the population of the same species is split, each in a different place
    • -both populations may exchange because of environment
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