Med Terms #1

  1. a-/an-
    not, without, lacking, deficient
  2. anti-/ant-
    against, opposed to, preventing, relieving
  3. di-/dis-
    two, twice, double
  4. dys-
    difficult, painful, defective, abnormal
  5. ec-/ex-
    out of, away from
  6. ecto-/ect-
    outside of
  7. en-/em-
    in, into, within
  8. endo-/ento-/end-/ent-
  9. epi-/ep-
    upon, over, above
  10. exo-
    outside, from the outside, toward the outside
  11. hemi-
    half, partial, one side of the body
  12. hyper-
    over, above, excessive, beyond normal
  13. hypo-/hyp-
    under, deficient, below normal
  14. mono-/mon-
    one, single
  15. peri-
    around, surrounding
  16. syn-/sym-
    together, with, joined
  17. -a
    state, condition
  18. -ac
    pertaining to, located in
  19. -ia
    state, condtion
  20. -iac
    person afflicted with
  21. -iasis
    disease, abnormal condition, abnormal presence of
  22. -ic
    pertaining to, located in; drug or agent
  23. -in/-ine
    forms names of substances
  24. -ist
    a person interested in
  25. -itic
    pertaining to; inflammation; drug or agent
  26. -itis
    inflamed condition; inflammation
  27. -ium/-eum
    membrane, connective tissue
  28. -ma
    abnormal or diseased condition
  29. -osis
    abnormal or diseased condition
  30. -otic
    pertaining to
  31. -sia
    state, condition
  32. -sis
    state, condition
  33. -tic
    pertaining to; indicate a drug or agent
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