1. What hazards are associated with thunderstorms?
    • Hail
    • Icing
    • Lightning
    • Turbulance
    • Tornadoes
    • Microbursts
  2. What hazards to flight are associated with thunderstorms?
    • Hail
    • Turbulance
    • Lightning
  3. Which is an indication of turbulence found in thunderstorms?
    gust front
  4. Which type clouds could indicate the possibility of microburst activity?
    Convective and Cumulonimbus
  5. Which telltale signs in the vicinity of thunderstorms should alert you to the possibility of microburst activity?
    • Roll clouds
    • Gusty conditions
    • Blowing dust
  6. Which are thunderstorm recommended flight techniques?
    • Penetration of a thunderstorm should be at an altitude of 4000 to 6000 feet AGL
    • When flying under a thunderstorm, select an altitude 1/3 the distance from the surface to the base of the cloud
  7. What effects can turbulence have on an aircraft?
    • Change altitude
    • Structural damage
    • Extra stress on airframe
  8. Effect of turbulance depends on ____ of trubulance and ____ of aircraft.
    severity; speed
  9. Describe the difference between a tornado and a funnel cloud with respect to the surface.
    a tornado touches the surface a funnel cloud does not.
  10. Define microburst.
    An intense, localized downward flow with velocities of 2000 to over 6000 fpm
  11. What is NEXRAD?
    Next Genration Radar, used to track thunderstorms
  12. What do roll and wall clouds indicate?
    the presence of low level wind shear and extreme turbulance
  13. A ______ forms on the surface at the leading edge of an advancing thunderstorm
    gust front
  14. What methods can be used to detect a microburst?
    • Visual cues
    • Wind shear alert systems
    • PIREPs
    • Departure/Arrival wx reports
  15. Why do you want to fly over the top, at least 1000 feet per knots of wind speed at cloud top level, to void a thunderstorm?
    It allows an altitude margin for turbulance and hail
  16. Why do you want to penetrate the lower ⅓ of a thunderstorm?
    Most storms are most severe in the top 2/3
  17. What hazards are associated with lightning?
    • static buildup
    • strike aircraft
    • structural damage
    • fuel ignition
    • flash blindness
  18. Why do you want to penetrate a thunderstorm perpendicular?
    Minimize time in storm
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