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  1. dardanus-
    Ancient trojan king
  2. dieopea-
    Nymph bribe of Aeolus
  3. Oileus-
    Fahter of Ajax
  4. Ajax-
    Killed by Athena for his passion, son of oileus
  5. diomede-
    hero in the trojan war
  6. sarpedon-
    Trojan hero + ally
  7. Syretes-
    river near troy
  8. orontes-
    captain of the only ship to sink
  9. lycians-
    allies of troy
  10. eurus-
    east wind
  11. boreas-
    north wind
  12. notus-
    south wind
  13. zephryus-
    west wind
  14. Triton-
    minor sea god who helped save the trojan fleet
  15. Cymothoe (kymothoe)-
    sea nymph who helped save the trojan fleet
  16. Ceres-
    roman goddess of grain
  17. scylla-
    mythological monster
  18. teucer-
    ancient trojan king
  19. Antenor-
    founder of Patavium
  20. liburians-
    hostile group of people
  21. Timavus-
    a river formed by nine sources
  22. Cythera-
    birthplace of Venus/ venus
  23. Argos-
  24. mycenae-
    city in greece
  25. Oceanus-
    Titan of the sea
  26. Vesta-
    goddess of the hearth
  27. maia-
    daughter of atlas
  28. dido-
    carthaginian queen
  29. achates-
    close friend of aeneas
  30. hebrus-
    slow river in greece
  31. Sychaeus-
    husband of dido
  32. pygmalion-
    brother of dido
  33. 12 birds-
    metaphor for saved ships
  34. 1 ship-
    only ship to sink
  35. penates-
    household dieties
  36. Atreu-
    father of agamemnon+ menelaus
  37. Priam-
    trojan king
  38. xanthus-
    river near troy
  39. Penthesilia-
    amazon queen
  40. Latona-
    mother of diana
  41. ilioneus-
    trojan who appealed to dido
  42. Hesperia-
    evening land/ italy
  43. Oenotrians-
    first to settle Italy
  44. orion-
    famous huntsman
  45. Anchises-
    father of aeneas
  46. paros-
    island known for its marble
  47. Gyas-
    friend of aeneas
  48. cloanthus-
    friend of aeneas
  49. acestes-
    sicilian king favorable to trojans
  50. serestus-
    friend of aeneas
  51. simois-
    river of the trojan plain
  52. sidon-
    island off of africa
  53. salamis-
    largest greek island
  54. ascanius-
    son of aeneas
  55. illione-
    oldest daughter of priam
  56. ilus-
  57. eryx-
    king of sicily
  58. leda-
    mother of helen of troy
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