body composition terms

  1. Upper body obesity, fat accumulation in trunk and abdomen. Associated with a high risk for obesity-related health problems.
    Android obesity
  2. a method of determining body composition by passing a harmless current through the body
    bioelectrical impedance
  3. the proportions of fat, muscle, and bone making up the body
    body composition
  4. a calculation of body weight and height indices for determining degree of obesity
    body mass index (BMI)

    weight in kg/height in meters squared
  5. refers to the build of the body as determined by genetics
    body type
  6. this body type is athletic, with heavy bone and muscle mass
  7. this body type is thin, linear, and lean with low amounts of bone and muscle mass
  8. this body type is heavy, big, and soft with large amounts of both fat-free and fat mass
  9. a method for estimating body composition uses a low radiation dose to measure bone mineral mass, fat mass, and non-bone fat-free mass
  10. tissues in the body including water, muscle, bone, connective tissue and internal organs
    fat-free mass

    estimated by subtracting the fat mass from total body weight
  11. all the fat in the body
    fat mass

    estimated by multiplying the percent body fat by the total body weight
  12. small, medium, or large skeletal mass; usually estimated through use of the elbow breadth
    frame size
  13. lower-body obesity, with fat accululation in the hips and thighs
    gynoid obesity
  14. formulas that use height and weight to estimate underweight, normal weight, overweight and obesity
    Height-weight indices
  15. tables that provide a healthy weight range for a given height
    height-weight tables
  16. measurement at the largest circumference of the buttocks-hips area while the person is standing
    hip circumference
  17. the healthiest body weight taking into account fat-free mass and fat mass
    ideal body weight

    calculated by dividing the fat-free mass by 100% minus desired percent body fat
  18. an excessive amount of total body fat for a given body weight
  19. fat mass expressed as a percentage of total body mass
    percent body fat
  20. midpoint weight of the weight range for a given height
    reference body weight
  21. body weight divided by the midpoint value of the recommended weight range
    relative body weight
  22. special device used to measure fat between the layers of skin in millimeters
    skinfold caliper
  23. most widely used method for determining body fat percent, measures the thickness of a double fold of skin at various sites
    skinfold measurements
  24. a vertical ruler mounted on a wall with a horizontal headboard to measure height
  25. the total body mass expressed relative to total body volume
    total body density
  26. a method of determining body composition by weighing the individual underwater
    underwater weighing

    whole body density is calculated from body volume and then body density is converted to percent body fat
  27. the smallest waist circumference below the rib cage and above the belly button, while standing with abdominal muscles relaxed
    waist circumference
  28. ratio of waist and hip circumferences
    waist-to-hip circumferences WHR
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