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  1. What is an avulsion fracture?
    Occurs when a fragment of bone is pulled away from the shaft.
  2. What is a communtied fracture?
    A fracture in which the bone is splintered or crushed
  3. What is a Contrecoup Lesion?
    A contusion formed on the opposite side of the skull in reference to the trauma site.
  4. What is a Green Stick fracture?
    A fracture in which the cortex breaks on side without separation or breaking of the opposing cortex
  5. What is a Hangman's fracture?
    A fracture of the arch of the 2nd vertebra, usually accompanied by anterior subluxation of the 2nd cervical vertebra on the 3rd cervical vertebra, which usually results from acute hyperextension of the head.
  6. What is a Hematoma?
    A localized collection of blood in an organ space or tissue as result of a break in the wall of a blood vessel
  7. What is an Occult fracture?
    A fracture that gives clinical signs of it's presence without radiologic evidence.
  8. What is an Open Reduction?
    A fracture in which the bone end penetrates the soft tissue and skin creating an opening to the exterior of the body.
  9. What is Subluxation?
    An incomplete or partial dislocation.
  10. What is Level I Trauma?
    • Can provide care for all injuries
    • 24per hour in home coverage of radiographer who perform all procedures
    • Technologist must be on call to perform angiographic, sonographic, and nuclear med studies
    • Must be in large Metropolitan areas and serve as both primary and tertiary care institutions
    • Must treat 1200 admissions and 240 major traumas/Year.
  11. What is Level II Trauma?
    • Most common that can handle the majority of trauma cases and transport patients to level I when necessary
    • 24 hour in house radiographer to perform all procedures
    • Tech to perform CT, Angiographic, sonographic, and nuc med procedures.
    • Community hospitals located in smaller cities and towns and provides valuable services
  12. What is Level III Trauma?
    • Located in rural areas
    • Radiographich technologist are in house most of the day but on call during late evening.
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