Current Political Issues

  1. US Government
    The US is a country founded on freedom. The founders of this country revolted from Great Britian because of the loss of Freedoms an Taxation.
  2. Articles of Confideration failure
    • National Government couldn't tax
    • 9 of 13 states to pass law
    • to change and article all 13 needed to pass
    • disputes are settled in courts

    Positive: set up guidelines for statehood
  3. What is the purpose of the US Government?
    • Keep order
    • Promote liberty
    • Resolve conflicts
  4. Our Government
    • Democrtaic Republic
    • We have a constitution: definition
    • Constitution = highest law in US
  5. Three Branches of Government
    • Legislatve
    • Executive
    • Judicial
  6. Legislative Branch
    • 2 Houses
    • US Senate-Import Powers
    • US House of Representatives-Important Powers
  7. Executive
    President-Carry out the law but has other powers:

    • -Commander in chief-Military (War powers act)
    • -Represents the US Overseas
  8. What is the War Powers Act?
    Congress must be told in 48 hours. Within 60 days congress must give permission for troops or troops have 90 days to return home
  9. Judicial
    Supreme Court- Final decision on the laws passed. Laws must fit the guidelines of the Constitution.
  10. How do we change the US Constitution?
    • Two step process
    • 1st-Proposal stage
    • -2/3rd's of both houses of Congress or
    • -2/3rd's of states call for convention to propose amendments
  11. How do we change he US Constitution (Step 2)
    • 2nd-Ratification Stage
    • -3/4th's state legislatures agree
    • -3/4th's states hold ratifying conventions and pass the ammendment
    • -Also changes can be made through interpretation.
  12. Changing the Missouri constitution
    • 2 steps. Proposal and Ratification
    • Proposal- 1. majority of both houses of Gen Assembly. Or 2. Initiative- 8% of registered voters submit ammendment in each congressional district. Or 3. Constitutional Convention.
    • Ratification- majority of the people. Election.
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Current Political Issues
Current Political Issues