SU Level 3 Chapter 30

  1. 에 관한
    about; on; as to
  2. 모든
    all; every
  3. 편안하다
    to be comfortable
  4. 손쉽다
    to be easy to handle
  5. 무궁화
    Rose of Sharon (Korean National Flower)
  6. 더옥
    much more; far more
  7. 신속하다
    to be fast; to be quick
  8. -고자
    wanting to; so as to; in order to; to intend to
  9. 건너편
    opposite side; across the street
  10. 마련하다
    to arrange; to prepare
  11. 해외
    overseas; abroad
  12. 국내
  13. etc; and so on
  14. 안내하다
    to guide
  15. 아니면
    if not; or if not
  16. 들르다
    to visit en route; to drop by
  17. -도록
    in order to; so that one may do
  18. 최선
    the best; the utmost
  19. 다하다
    to do completely; do fully
  20. 본점
    head office; main office
  21. 답답하다
    to feel frustrated; confined; stuffy
  22. 똑같다
    to be exactly the same
  23. 세우다(계획을)
    to make (a plan)
  24. -는 길에
    enroute to; on the way to
  25. 직접
    directly; in person
  26. 에 관해(서)
    about; on; concerning
  27. 대접하다
    to treat someone; give hospitality to someone
  28. 백두산
    Mt. Baekdu
  29. 금강산
    Mt. Keumkang (Mt. Diamond)
  30. 포도
  31. 수박
  32. 지점
    branch office
  33. 바닷가
    beach; seaside
  34. 이용하다
    to use; to make us of
  35. 광고문
    written advertisement
  36. 우편 번호
    zip code
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