SU Level 3 Chapter 23

  1. 스포츠
  2. 툭하면
    without any reason; to be apt to
  3. 고장
    break down
  4. 나다 (고장이)
    to be broke down; out of order
  5. 속상하다
    to be exasperated; to be distressed
  6. 켜다
    to turn on; to switch on
  7. 채널
  8. 끄다
    to turn off; to switch off
  9. -았/었다가
    did something and then
  10. -았/었는데도
    even though; although; inspite of
  11. 고치다
    to fix; to repair
  12. -기 위해(서)
    in order to; for the sake of
  13. 정(이) 들다
    to become attached to; to grow fond of
  14. 수리 센터
    repair shop
  15. 난로
    stove; heater
  16. 선풍기
    electric fan
  17. 틀다
    to turn on the T.V.; to twist
  18. 에어컨
    air conditioner
  19. -(으)ㄴ/는데도
    even though it does
  20. 을/를 위해(서)
    for; in the sake of; for the cause of
  21. 찢다
    to tear; rip off
  22. 전원
    power button
  23. 꺼냄
    eject button
  24. 재생
    play button
  25. 되감기
    rewind button
  26. 빨리감기
    fast forward button
  27. 녹화(하다)
    video recording; to videotape
  28. 녹음(하다)
    recording; to record
  29. 일시정지
    pause button
  30. 정지
    stop button
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