English Vocab

  1. satire
    political, mocking of a problem using wit and humor

    • example: tina fey and sarah palin.
    • SNL or Colbert
  2. allegory
    a story long metaphor

    • example: prodigal son.
    • father accepting lost son.
    • God accepting lost child.
  3. Fable
    using animals as characters that teaches a moral lesson
  4. three types of Irony?
    Dramatic, Situational and Verbal
  5. Dramatic Irony?
    the audience knows, characters do not.
  6. Situational Irony
    unexpected twist or outcome
  7. Verbal Irony
    say something, but mean something else. (sarcasm)
  8. Novella
    how many pages?
    identified with?
    • short novel
    • 150 pages
    • underlined.
  9. Short Story
    how long?
    identified with?
    • compact piece of fiction, tells a narrative, has all the parts of a novel/novella.
    • takes 20 min to read
    • "quotation marks"
  10. Symbol
    a concrete (thing) that represents an abstract (idea).
  11. Protagonist
    main character
  12. antagonist
    second character that causes the problems and creates external conflicts.
  13. Dramatis Personea
    characters in play
  14. chorus
    a group or performance
  15. ode
    a song performed by the chorus in between scenes.
  16. Monologue
    long speech to other characters
  17. Soliloquy
    long speech alone on stage
  18. comedy?
    • sad to happy.
    • happy to sad.
  19. Hamartia
    tragic flaw
  20. peripetia
  21. anagnorisis
    • A-HA! moment.
    • you realize you screwed up.
  22. Catharsis
    emotional cleansing
  23. Hyperbole
  24. Allusion
    reference to history/literature and mythology
  25. tone
    attitude of the author towards the subject of the piece.
  26. static
    never changing
  27. dynamic
    changes/grows (either by being a better person, or worse)
  28. characterization
    how the author creates multi-dimensional characters.

    • -what they say
    • -what they do
    • -what others say about that character
  29. motif
    • repeated image or pattern.
    • example: color green on harry potter is a motif of power.

    • cannot be a single thing because it would be a symbol.
    • ex: conch on LOF.
  30. Point of view?
    what are the 4 points of view?
    • the way the story is told.
    • -first person: "I"
    • -second person: "you"
    • -third person limited: He/She/It
    • -third person omniscient: He/She/It
  31. F.A.N.B.O.Y.S
    • for
    • and
    • nor
    • but
    • or
    • yet
    • so
  32. polysyndeton
    multiple coordination conjunction. repetition of conjunction
  33. asyndeton
    lack of conjunction
  34. foil
    2 characters that contrast
  35. Deus Ex Machina
    God solving all the character's problems
  36. alliteration
    • repetition of the first consonant sound
    • example: burning bright
  37. Anaphora
    repetition of starting word.
  38. epihora
    repetition of ending word.
  39. french word that describes the end of a story
  40. bildungsroman
    growing up, coming of age.
  41. Realist
    viewed as it is/ as they are.
  42. Romantic
    focus on emotions, individual nature, seeing things as they should be.
  43. Latin quote by horace? and what does it mean?
    Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori"It is sweet and fitting to die for one's country."
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