Year2, Mod2, Rigging

  1. What is the rule of thumb for steel weight?
    1'x1'x1" = 40 pounds
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  3. What are the rope specs for a tugger drum?
    • - flanges of drum must protrude 2 rope diameters above last layer of rope
    • - three layers max of rope
    • - when hook at lowest, at least 5 full turns of rope left on drum
  4. What are the fleet angles for grooved drums and smooth drums?
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    grooved = 1/4' to 1 1/4 (degrees)

    smooth = 1' to 2'
  5. When two or more sling eyes are to be placed in a lifting hook it is preferable to use:
    a shackle
  6. the hoisting hook must always be:
    above and in line with the load's centre of gravity
  7. What is the max allowable wear on chain?
  8. When should the stretch in a chain be cause for concern?
    • 3% check very carefully
    • 5% remove from service
  9. When rigging up load with 2 or 4 leg bridle hitches what must you assume?
    that load will be supported by only 2 slings
  10. What is the load value of a single vertical hitch?
    1 times WLL
  11. What is the load value of a basket hitch?
    2 times WLL (if legs are vert., load is circular, diameter is 25 or more times diameter of wire rope sling)
  12. What is the load value of a choker hitch?
    3/4 that of single vertical hitch
  13. How much is the load value on a load that is the same diameter as the wire rope?
    50% because of shearing.
  14. What is the load on each sling at 60'?
    57.7% of total load (eg. 577lbs on 1000lbs load)
  15. What is the load on each sling at 45'?
    70.5% of total load (eg. 707lbs on 1000lbs load)
  16. What is the load on each sling at 30'?
    100% of total load (eg. 1000lbs on 1000lbs load)
  17. What is the load on each sling at completely vertical to seperate hooks?
    50% of total load (eg. 500lbs on 1000lbs load)
  18. What is the recommended angle for multiple slings to a single hook?
    60', creates equalateral triangle
  19. Sling Stress Formula

    T = (W/N) x (L/V)

    T= tension/sling in lbs
    W= weight in lbs
    N = number of legs
    L = choker length in feet
    V = vertical height from hookup to load
    • Rule of Thumb:
    • WWL Slings = D2x6
    • WWL Wire Slings = D2x8
  20. When should wire ropes be replaced?
    • - 6 or more broken wires in one rope lay
    • - 3 or more broken wires in one strand of one rope lay
    • - outer diameter wire wear is at 1/3 of total
  21. What is the standard amount of stretch in new wire rope?
    • 6 stranded rope = 6" per 100' of rope
    • 8 stranded rope = 9-10" per 100' of rope
  22. Image Upload 3
    Screw Pin shackle
  23. Image Upload 4
    Round pin shackle
  24. Image Upload 5
    safety shackle
  25. What is the proper placement of a shackle on the hook?
    pin on the hook, load on the body of shackle
  26. What is the load limit of a u-bolt or crosby clip?
    80% of wire strength

  27. What is a sheave and what is the ROT for them?
    the pulley part of the block that carries the rope.

    ROT = shoiuld be at least 20 times rope diameter
  28. Shoulder type eyebolts should only be used with angular pull greater than?
  29. When slings with hooks are used in a bridle sling arrangement, they should always be:
    turned out and have safety latches
  30. The only chain suitable for construction hoisting is made from?
    alloy steel
  31. Chain that needs to be repaired must be repaired by?
    the manufacturer
  32. A shackle is sized by?
    diameter of the bow section
  33. equlaizer beams are typically used in conjunction with:
    dual hoist hooks
  34. When reeving or lacing rope through sheaves in a block and tackle system, fasten the dead end of the rope to the:
  35. A wedge socket is used to attach:
    a headache ball, a swivel, a hook
  36. To maintain the highest capacity of a sling, what is the minimum length of contact of wire rope with a softener?
    1 rope lay length
  37. in a bridle sling arrangement, the stress load on each sling leg is equal to the weight of hte load, when the sling angle is:
    30' from horizontal
  38. The recommended sling angle when using a two part bridal sling is:
    60' angle from the horizontal
  39. The ROT for the minimum sheave diamter is the rope diameter times:
  40. Shoulder-type eyebolts should only be used with angular pull (from the horizontal) gerater than:
  41. When slings with hooks are used in a bridle sling arrangement, they should always be:
    turned out and have safety latches
  42. Which type of block is designed to change the angle of pull for wire rope?
    snatch block
  43. The two methods of reeving are:
    square reeving and lacing
  44. How large should the surface area of blocking be on a crane float?
    3 times the size of the float
  45. What do range diagrams do?
    place the crane for a particular job
  46. Crane load/capacity charts give capacity in:
    gross weight
  47. Do crane load charts have seperate areas for strength and stability?
  48. What is the least amount of rollers required when moving a load with heavy wall pipe?
  49. What is best used to move a very heavy load precisely to its final position?
  50. What are the two most common forms of scaffold?
    • tubular framed
    • tube & clamp
  51. What load must scaffold be able to handle?
    4 times possible load imposed
  52. Free standing or rolling scaffolds must not be more than three:
    times higher than the smallest base dimension
  53. What type of scaffold frame would be used to allow pedestrian traffic at ground/street level?
  54. What type of scaffold is used for strange shapes?
    tube and clamp
  55. What is the name of a scaffold support member that is attached on one end to a permanent structural member and suspended by rope or chain to the outside end?
    needle beam
  56. At what height is additional certification needed to erect a scaffold?
    80 feet
  57. At what height are toe boards required on scaffold?
    3.5m (11.48/12ft)
  58. How high must the top of a toe board be?
    140mm (5.5"
  59. What must be installed between the sections when frame scaffolds are stacked on top of each other?
    retainer pins and coupling pins
  60. Define runners on scaffold.
    horizontal members on tube/clamp scaffold that tie vertical posts together
  61. What is the max distance allowed between rungs on a ladder scaffold it used w/o attached ladder?
    300mmn or 12"
  62. Scaffold ladder stats:
    • 6" clearance behind rungs
    • no more than 21ft long
    • extend 3 ft above working platform to be accessed
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