World Civ. Chp. 2

  1. The Code of Hammurabi
    • 300 laws carved into a stone pillar.
    • His goals were: "Cause justice to prevail in the land/ To destroy the wicked and evil/That strong may not oppress the weak"
    • Codify (arrange and set down in writing) all the laws that would govern a state.
    • Involved civil law; dealt with private rights, and matters
  2. Zoroaster
    Persian thinker who put through a new religion collected in the sacred book Zend-Avesta.
  3. Polytheistic
    Belief in many gods.
  4. Monotheistic
    Belief in one god.
  5. Ziggurat
    A pyramid-temple that soared toward the heavens in every city. A shrine was built at the top, to the chief god or goddess of that city.
  6. The Epic of Gilgamesh
    Long Summerian narrative poem.
  7. Abraham
    A man from Ur. He is considered the founder of the Israelites.
  8. Covenant
    Binding agreement; The Israelites thought God made a covenant withb Abraham.
  9. Ur
    A city in Mesopotamia.
  10. The Book Of Genesis
    The first book of the Torah and the Bible.
  11. Babylonian Exile
    This period was called the Babylonian Captivity, when the Israelites were known as Jews. It forced the Israelites into exile.
  12. the Ten Commandments
    A set of laws that Jews believe God gave them through Moses. the first four commandments tress religious duties toward God, such as keeping sabbath, and the rest set out rules for conduct toward other people.
  13. Moses
    Moses released the Israelites from slavery when God sent him.
  14. Sabbath
    A holy day for rest and worship.
  15. Diaspora
    Scattering of people.
  16. David
    A strong, shrewd king who united the feuding Israelite tribes into a single nation.
  17. Canaan
    Where the Jewish slaves entered after they had been freed; a land they believed God had promised them. A region that later becomes known as Palenstine under Roman rule.
  18. the Torah
    Israelites' most sacred text.
  19. Goliath
    Goliath was a giant soldier from Gath in ancient Palenstine (Canaan). He led an army against David.
  20. Prophets
    Spiritual leaders that emerged to God's will. Prophets: Isaiah and Jeremiah.
  21. Solomon
    David's son who turned Jerusalem into an impressive capital. He built a temple dedicated to God.He won fame for his wisdom and understanding.
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