Vocab List 4

  1. Acquiesce
    to agree to; give in to
  2. Bombast
    arrogant; pompous language
  3. Curtail
    cut short
  4. Epicure
    someone who appreciates good food and drink
  5. Heed
    listen to
  6. Lampoon
    ridicule; spoof
  7. Oblivious
    totally unaware
  8. Podium
    raised platform
  9. Resonant
  10. Tenuous
    flimsy; not solid
  11. Acrid
    sharp; pungent (used of smells and tastes)
  12. Boorish
  13. Cynical
    believing that people act only out of selfish motives
  14. Epistle
    a letter (form of communication)
  15. Heresy
    against orthodox opinion
  16. Lance
    spear; spike; javelin
  17. Obscure
    difficult to understand; partially hidden
  18. Poignant
    deeply moving; strongly affecting the emotions
  19. Respite
    a break; intermission
  20. Terse
    concise; to the point
  21. Acrophobia
    fear of heights
  22. Bourgeois
    middle class
  23. Debility
    weakness; incapacity
  24. Epistolary
    concerned with letters; through correspondence
  25. Hiatus
    interruption; pause
  26. Languid
    tired; slow
  27. Obscured
    hidden; covered; buried
  28. Poised
    calm; collected; self-possessed
  29. Resplendent
    shining; glowing
  30. Therapeudic
    medicinal; curative
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