Vocab List 3

  1. Abstemious
    self denying; refraining from indulging
  2. Blithe
    free-spirited; carefree
  3. Crepuscular
    active at dawn and dusk
  4. Enunciation
    clear pronunciation; accent; articulation
  5. Headstrong
    stubborn; willful
  6. Lackluster
    dull; monotonous; bland
  7. Objective
    unbiased; not subjective
  8. Pliable
    flexible; not stubborn
  9. Rescind
    retract; repeal
  10. Temper
    to moderate; soften
  11. Abtruse
    difficult to understand; obscure
  12. Blunderbuss
    • 1. ancient weapon (type of gun)
    • 2. a clumsy person
  13. Cringe
    recoil; flinch; shy away
  14. Envenom
    to cause bitterness and bad feeling
  15. Hedonism
    self indulgence; pleasure-seeking
  16. Laconic
    using few words; brief; to the point
  17. Oblique
    indirect; slanting
  18. Plumage
    feathers of a bird
  19. Resignation
    acceptance of fate
  20. Tenacious
    stubborn; resolute; holding firm to a purpose
  21. Accolade
    tribute; honor; praise
  22. Bolster
    support; prop up
  23. Cryptic
    puzzling; enigmatic
  24. Ephemeral
  25. Hedonist
    a pleasure seeker
  26. Lamentation
    expression of regret or sorrow
  27. Obliterate
    destroy; demolish; eradicate
  28. Plummet
    fall suddenly and steeply
  29. Resolution
  30. Tentative
    not certain
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