Catholic Faith

  1. Evolution
    the change of a species
  2. Darwinism
    only the strongest among a species will survive
  3. Intelligent Design
    certain features of the universe and living things that are explained by intelligent cause
  4. St.Thomas Aquinas
    an Italian philosoper and theologian who proposed five proofs for Gods existance which were not based on the Bibal or theology
  5. Unmoved Mover
    there is motion in the world, whatever is in motion had to be put in motion by another
  6. First Causes
    • the world is a sereis of causes and effects;
    • taking those causes and effects into history, to the movements of creation; we conclude that their must have been a first cause of creation, God
  7. Everyting Comes From Something
    nothing cannot create something, other than someting causing it to be created
  8. Supreme Model
    • Persons and things have various degrees of perfections
    • no single created person or thing posseses perfection
    • but God hold perfection
  9. Grand Designer
    there are systems in the world that are so intricate and perfect in a way they work
  10. 5 Proofs
    • are a unique and useful in that they do not rely on scripture or religous teaching
    • based on common sense and philosophy they have a strong connection to scientific fact
    • these proofs could help Atheists believe in God
  11. Transcendence
    God is not clearly seen and know in this world, he is put a side
  12. Immanance
    • God is beyond us, he is close to his creation
    • we can see God in his creations
  13. Immatable
    God does not change, he is perfect
  14. Omnipotent
    God is all powerful
  15. Infinite/External
    • God is, was, and always will be
    • he is without beginning and without end
  16. Omnipresent
    God is present everywhere
  17. Utterly Simple
    God cannot be broken down into parts
  18. Self Sufficient
    God is a perectly happy being
  19. Day 1
    "Let there be light"
  20. Day 2
    "Let there be water"
  21. Day 3
    "Let dry land appear"
  22. Day 4
    "Let there be Day and Night"
  23. Day 5
    "Let there be animals and living creatures"
  24. Day 6
    "Let there be humans"
  25. Original Sin
    • had tremendous consequences for humanity
    • death
  26. Step 1
    • The serpent introduces doubt
    • trying to convince Eve to not trust God
  27. Step 2
    the serpent said to Eve that she will not die if she eats from the tree, therfore God is called a liar
  28. Step 3
    the Serpent makes a promise saying that you will be like God, you will know good and evil
  29. Step 4
    Eve falls for the trick and eats from the tree and shares with Adam
  30. Step 5
    they both realize they are naked in "spirits" and they run and hide from God
  31. Consequences
    • Adam and Eve's relationship with God is destroyed
    • humanity is wounded by original sin
    • the effect of original sin which left us a tendancy toward sin is called concupiscence
  32. Protoevangelium or First Good News
    • promised in Gen 3 : 15
    • Eve was suppose to be Mary the mother of God, the savior of the world
  33. Monotheism
    the belief in one God
  34. Polytheism
    the belief in many Gods
  35. Deism
    the belief that God created the world, but has nothing further to do
  36. Agnosticism
    the existence of God cannot be arrived at
  37. Atheism
    God does not exist
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