History Midterm

  1. Americans moved toard isolationism after WW1 because
    feared war and still had financial issues
  2. What were Sacco and Vanzetti and the nativists attidues during the Red Scare
    ruined reputations and lives of foreigners and immigrants
  3. Union memebership delcined because
    most of the work force was immigrants who barely spoke english, therefore were independent workers
  4. How did the Teapot Dome Scandal contribute to Hardins's presidental reputation
    Albert B. Fall, the U.S. Navy Secretary was involved & caused corruption
  5. The automoble changed America by
    Urban Sprawl- more people traveling
  6. Advertisement played a large role in the American economy by
    presudade people to buy on credit
  7. Installment Plan (buying on credit) gave a superficial prosperity
    more businesses thrived from customers and gave a false view
  8. Causes and Effects of Prohibition
    • CAUSES- south and west viewed alcohol as sinful and unreligious
    • EFFECTS- people tried harder to access alcohol causing illegal actions and arrests
  9. Scopes Monkey Trial
    the agruement of teaching evolution vs fundamentalism
  10. What did Harlem Renaissance writers promote?
    African American views on life, heritage, and pride
  11. Jazz Music, where did it start and how did it spread
    "Great Migration" Louis Armstrong and other bands started in New Orleans and traveled to perform
  12. How did the Stock Market Crash help cause the Great Depression?
    investors took their stocks out, people lost their savings and used credit which later led them to debt
  13. Factors that caused the Great Depression
    tarrifs, war debt, crisis in farming, unequal income, AVALIBILTY OF EASY CREDIT
  14. Farm familes left their homes during the Great Depression because
    farms went under foreclosure and the Dust Bowl
  15. Depression Survivors suffered this LONG-LASTING consequence
  16. Bonus Army
    group of veterans who wanted war reparations but didn't therefore they marched at Washington
  17. The New Deal's three major commponents
    RELIEF for needy. RECOVERY for economy. REFORM for finanaces
  18. FDR did this during the first 100 days
    close banks, secure investments, and pass 15 new deal laws
  19. New Deal programs created to provide relief for farmers and workers
    AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Act) and TVA ( Tennessee Valley Authority)
  20. What did Liberal Republicans and Conservative Democrats say about the New Deal
    • LR- not enough was done to help the people
    • CD- too much was done for the people
  21. Second New Deal
    helped the employment rates go up and furthered the programs already established
  22. What was the New Deal Coalition
    different diverse groups coming together to support Roosevelt
  23. The New Deal is viewed today as
    a helpful component of the successful economy
  24. Totalitarian governments
    Germany, Russia, Italy
  25. United States adopted this AFTER WW1
  26. Britian and France responded to Hitler's reactions by
  27. How did FDR help the allies
    Lend-Lease Act- lended weapons to countries who protect U.S.
  28. Why did America enter WWII
    Bombing of Pearl Harbor
  29. D-Day
    The allies invaded France
  30. Military Leaders in Europe and Pacific
    • EUROPE- Eisenhower
    • PACIFIC- MacArthur
  31. WHEN,WHERE, WHO first atomic bomb
    • WHEN- end of WW1, august 6
    • WHERE- Hiroshima
    • WHO- Truman and the Manhattan Project
  32. How were American minority groups treated
    discriminated against
  33. Why were Japanese Americans placed in internment camps
    fear of hurting the americans
  34. Definition of Truman Doctrine
    fight against the spread of communism
  35. Definition of Marshall Plan
    europe recieves economic aid
  36. How did Allies deliever supplies to West Berlin
    Berlin airlift (airplanes)
  37. Why was NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Oraganization) formed
    to protect countries against the Soviet's communism
  38. Why did the U.S. deliver aid to South Korea
    Under the Truman Doctrine, the U.S. must help countries who are at risk of communism and North Korea is communists
  39. Why was the senator McCarthy's tactics controversial
    he accussed innocent people of practiing communism without evidence
  40. Definition of Brinkminship
    pushing war
  41. Defintion of Eisenhower Doctrine
    U.S. help the Middle East from the Soviet Union communism views
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