Socials 9

  1. What was controlled by the British Hudson Bay Company ?
    Northern Canada
  2. What was Quebec divided into in 1791?
    Upper and Lower Canada
  3. In 1760, where and who was the British major battle held by?
    French government , Ste. Foy Montreal
  4. When did the King issue the Royal Proclamation?
  5. Who was the first British governor?
    Guy Carleton
  6. What is a land speculator?
    One who buys and sells land with the expectation of profit
  7. Who was the Ottawa chief?
  8. Who were the Scottish traders supported by?
    Scottish members
  9. How many soldiers was British North America protected by?
  10. Where did most of the major events of the war of 1812 occur?
    Great Lakes
  11. What were some attribute(s) of Tecumseh?
    Charisma & good speech
  12. Who was John Norton?
    War chief of Mohawks and adopted son of Joseph Brant
  13. What is the capital of Upper Canada in 1812?
  14. What is a reason why the Americans wanted war in 1812?
    Annoyed by the loss of trading privileges
  15. What was the population of British North America when the war of 1812was going on?
  16. Which American political party wanted war?
    War Hawks
  17. Most of the people who settled in Canada were______.
  18. Most people who came to Canada departed by __________ from Liverpool.
  19. The first schools were set up by the________.
    Anglican Church
  20. On what did the Americans launch their first attack?
  21. What was the nickname for American Loyalists?
  22. Why did the Mohawk Nation fight for the British?
    They chose at Random
  23. When did Johan Graves leave Canada?
  24. By 1815 the population of Upper Canada grew from 10,000 to__________.
  25. The British thought the Americans were________.
    Troublesome and argumentative
  26. What was the Stamp Act supposed to pay for?
    To pay for the cost of defending the American colonies
  27. What happened when the British tried to tax the Americans without representation?
    They resisted and were insulted
  28. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
    John Adams
  29. Who was the commander of the Continental Army?
    George Washington
  30. Congress leaders were sure ________, ________, and _________ would them in the revolution.
    Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Quebec
  31. The opening shots of the American Revolution were fired at __________.
    Lexington Green
  32. What year was the Boston Massacre?
  33. Who is Pontiac and what did he do?
    Pontiac was an Ottawa chief who tried to fight Britain
  34. When was the Royal Proclamation, who issued it and why did it anger the Americans?
    The Royal Proclamation was issued in 1763, issued by the King, it angered the Americans because it cut off land speculation to the west of the Appalachian Mountains
  35. What was the name of the American political party who wanted war in 1812 and who was it led by?
    They were called “War Hawks”, and were led by James Madison
  36. Which two people led the Native Confederation and what did they do?
    Tecumseh (Shawnee Warrior) and his brother the Prophet led the Native confederation. They defended their territories from the Americans ‘
  37. Identify who Joseph Brant was. Include his heritage, what importance he was to the six nations, and what he believed the first Nations deserve.
    Joseph Brant was a Mohawk leader who had close links to the British. He was given the title ambassador for the six nations by being a skilled leader and a warrior. HE was important to the six nations by telling the British their views. Their views were that the Mohawks should have a place in their British empire for bring friends and supporters, and that the British weren’t treating the Iroquois well.
  38. Define: Highland clearances
    Scottish Landlords forced their tenants to leave their farms so they could use the land to raise sheep
  39. Who were the “Sons of Liberty” and list one thing they did.
    The colonial leaders and people who supported the American Revolution called themselves the “Sons of Liberty”. They were the ones responsible for the Boston Tea Party when 50 Sons of Liberty dumped tea from the British into the harbor.
  40. What is the Stamp Act?
    The Stamp Act was a small tax the Americans had to pay on many goods and most government services. It was supposed to help pay for the costs of defending the American colonies.
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