Consumer Health Chapter 1

  1. Involves the facts and understanding that enable people to make medically and economically sound choices.
    Positive Consumer Health
  2. Avoiding unwise decisions based on deception, misinformation, or other factors.
    Negative Consumer Health
  3. Four main functions of Mass Media are?
    • entertain
    • inform
    • carry advertisments
    • make money for their stockholders
  4. What mass media transmits depends on?
    • How much is expected to interest the target audience
    • How advertisers feel about it
  5. Advertisers misrepresent using?
    Puffery, "Weasel words," half truths, imagery, or celebrity endorsements.
  6. Some advertisers use what else to misrepresent?
    Scare tactics, exploit common hopes, fears, and feelings of inadequacy.
  7. The promotion of a false or unproven health method for profit. Fraud involves deceit.
  8. What makes consumers vulnerable?
    • Lack of suspicion
    • Desperation
    • Alienation
    • Belief in magic
    • Overconfidence
  9. Buyers and sellers used to have equal bargains, but why not now?
    • Goods can be inspected
    • People bargained with social networks
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