English Vocab #15

  1. Gullible
    adj. easily cheated or fooled
  2. Hamper
    v. to prevent the free movement, action, or progress of; to hinder or impede
  3. Hearten
    v. to give strength, courage, or hope; to encourage
  4. Hiatus
    n. a gap or an interruption in space, time or continuity; a break
  5. Hierarchy
    n. categorization of a group according to ability or status
  6. Iconoclast
    n. one who attacks and seeks to overthrow traditional or popular ideas or institutions
  7. Idolatry
    n. blind or excessive devotion to something
  8. Idyllic
    adj. charming in a rustic way; naturally peaceful
  9. Impair
    v. to cause to diminish as in strength, value, or quality
  10. Incessant
    adj. continuing without interruption; nonstop
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English Vocab #15
English Vocab #15