Seminar for physiology 1

  1. heavy metals
    they break down myelination ex. mercury(mad as a hatter),lead (the nero burning down rome.) and arsenic
  2. Nodes od ranvier
    the space between the mylinated cells
  3. schwan cells
    the PNS mylination cells
  4. tetrodoxin (TTX)
    found in puffer fish it stops the function of the voltage Na sodium gates
  5. Batrachotoxin (BTX)
    found in south american tree frogs(when they eat food outside of S.A. they arent poisones). it keeps the voltage gated Na channels open causing it to be over whelmed and died
  6. curare
    inhibits ACh receptors (inhibits the chemical gated Na) black widows release this.
  7. 2 different Na+ gates
    • Chemical gated Na+ Nicotinic
    • Chemical gated Na+ muscarinic
  8. Botulinum
    stops the function of ACh to be released from the cell causing paralyaze.
  9. LD50
    • the lethal dose of a given substance when 50% of the population would die from the dose.
    • Nicotine-.5-.1.0mg/kg
    • caffine 195mg/kg
    • cocaine:95mg/kg
  10. adenosine
    caffine blocks the receptors so more free floating adenosine is around the cell making you feel more awake like SSRIs
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