#1- Cast out

  1. castigate
    to scold, rebuke, or harshly criticize

    Mr. Castle preferred not to castigate student misbehavior publicly; instead, he would quietly send the troublemaker to the principal's office.
  2. censure
    to issue official blame

    In recent years the FCC as censured networks for the provocative antics of Super Bowl halftime acts; what goes on during the game, however, usually escapes the organization's notice.
  3. denounce
    to condemn openly

    In many powerful speeches throughout lifetime, Martin Luther King Jr. denounced racism as immoral.
  4. reclusive
    seeking or preferring seclusion or isolation

    Our neighbors were quite reclusive, hardly ever emerging from behind the closed doors of their home.
  5. relinquish
    to retire from; give up or abandon

    Ricky relinquished his career in order to search for the source of the world's best relish.
  6. renounce
    to give up (a title, for example), especially by formal announcement

    Nancy renounced her given name and began selling records under the moniker "Boedicia".
  7. vituperative
    marked by harshly abusive condemnation

    The vituperative speech was so cruel that the members left feeling completely abused.
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#1- Cast out
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