#1-When the going gets tough

  1. abstruse
    difficult to understand

    Abby found her professor's lecture on non Euclidian geometry abstruse; she doubted anyone else in class understood it either
  2. callous
    emotionally hardened; unfeeling

    Callie's callous remark about her friend's cluttered room really hurt his feelings
  3. convoluted
    intricate; complex

    The directions were so convoluted that we became hopelessly lost.
  4. enigma
    a puzzle, mystery, or riddle

    The emu was an enigma; you culd neber tell what it was thinking.
  5. inscrutable
    difficult to fathom or understand; impenetrable

    The ancient poet's handwriting was so inscrutable, that even the most prominent Latin scholars could not read the manuscripts.
  6. reticent
    inclined to keep silent; reserved

    Rosanna's reticent behavior caused the interviewer to think her incapable of conversing with other students.
  7. staid
    unemotional; serious

    Mr.Estado was well known for his staid demeanor; he stayed calm even when everyone else celebrated the team's amazing victory.
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#1-When the going gets tough
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