Biology lab: cells and tissues

  1. extra cellular matrix
    in connective tissue the cells are often spaced far apart
  2. fibroblast
    is to make the fibers in the extracellular matrix: collagen and elastin
  3. collagen
    are like cables which serve to strenghten the tissue, leather is simply cleaned and processed collagen, because collagen is made of very large and complex proteins, it can take months to make new collagen.
  4. elastin
    which is similar to rubber bands which allow the tissue to be stretched and go back to its original shape.
  5. macrophages
    white blood cells, function is to protect against infection
  6. extracellular fluid
    cells and fibers are suspended in, which is composed of water with dissolved nutrients, gasses, ions, etc
  7. dense regular connective tissue
    differs from connective tissue in that it has a lot more collagen and the collagen fibers are arranged in tight bundles all going in the same direction, it gives the tissue is tremendous strength
  8. tendons
    dense regular connective tissue, attach muscles to bones
  9. ligaments
    dense regular connective tissue, attach bones to each other
  10. epidermis
    the outermost layer of the skin, is a stratified squamous epithelium
  11. stratified squamous epithelium
    made up of many flat cells, the outer layer is made up of dead cells which are constantly flakingoff. this tissue protects the body from mild abrasion, infection, and dehydration
  12. dermis
    middle layer of the skin. it is dense fibrous connective tissue.
  13. dense fibrous connective tissue
    within this tissue are many collagen which are bundled together, which provide strength. leather is simply a cleaned and processed dermis, embedded within the dermis are other organs such as hair, sweat glands, etc.
  14. hypodermis
    the deepest layer of skin, this is a type of connective tissue called adipose tissue.
  15. adipose tissue
    contains many fat cells, it provides cushioning as well as insulation, almost all the body's fat is stored in the hypodermis
  16. four different types of tissues
    epithelia, connective tissue, muscle tissue, and nervous tissue
  17. simple epithelia
    has only one layer of cells
  18. epithelia
    a tissue where the cells are arranged as sheets
  19. stratified epithelia
    has two or more layers of cells
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