#1-What's up, Teach?

  1. acumen
    quickness, accuracy, and keenness of judgment or insight

    Judge Ackerman's legal acumen was so well regarded that he was nicknamed the "Solomon of the South".
  2. adroit
    dexterous, clever; deft

    An adroit balloon-animal maker, Adrianna became popular at children's parties.
  3. ascertain
    to find out, as though investigation or experimentation

    The private investigator had long suspected my dog; before long, he ascertained that Toto was indeed the murderer.
  4. astute
    shrewd; clever

    Stewart is financially astute; he invests wisely and never fails for scams.
  5. circumspect
    careful; prudent; discreet

    Ned's circumspect manner makes him a wise appointment to the diplomatic corps.
  6. disseminate
    to scatter widely, as in sowing seed

    The news about Dave's embarrassing movement at the party disseminated quickly through the school; by the end of the day, everyone knew what had happened.
  7. eruditon
    deep, extensive learning

    Professor Rudy's erudition was such that she could answer any question her students put to her.
  8. husbandry
    the application of scientific principles to agriculture, especially to animal breeding

    After years of practicing animal husbandry, Marsha's husband was able to create a breed of dog that actually walked it self.
  9. pedantic
    excessively concerned with book learning and formal rules

    Pedro's pedantic tendencies prompted him to remind us constantly of all the grammatical rules we were breaking.
  10. perspicacious
    shrewd; clear-sighted

    Persephone's perspicacious mind had solved so many cases that the popular private investigator was able to retire.
  11. pragmatic

    Never one for wild and unrealistic schemes, Matt took a pragmatic approach to research.
  12. precocious
    exhibiting unusually early intellectual aptitude or maturity

    Bobby Fisher's precocious intellect made him one of the world's best chess players before he could even drive.
  13. prospectus
    formal proposal

    Before writing my thesis, I had to submit a detailed prospectus to the department for approval.
  14. rudimentary
    basic; elementary; in the earliest stages of development

    Josh's rudimentary golf skills were easily overpowered by Tiger Wood's amazing performance on the green.
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