XHTML Lecture 2 Notes

  1. What does the X in XHTML stand for?
  2. What is XTML?
    • XHTML is a combination of HTML 4.01 and the strict syntax of XML.
    • XHTML is more strict.
    • XHTML is a W3C Reccomendation
    • All browsers support XHTML
  3. What is XML?
    • XML stands for EXtensible Markup Language.
    • XML was designed to transport and store data.
    • XML is designed to describe data, HTML is designed to display data.
    • You must define your own XML tags
  4. How does XHTML differ from HTML?
    • XHTML elements must be properly nested.
    • XHTML elements must always be closed.
    • XHTML elements must be in lower-case.
    • XHTML documents must have one root element.
    • Attribute names must be in lower-case.
    • Attribute values must be quoted.
    • XHTML documents must have a DOCTYPE declration
  5. What is a DTD and what does DTD stand for?
    • DTD stands for Document Type Definition.
    • An XHTML DTD describes in precise, computer- readable language, the allowed syntax of XHTML markup
  6. There are 3 DTD's:
    • There are 3 DTD's:
    • Strict.
    • Transitional.
    • Frameset.
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