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  1. #1 Chiller (PreOps)
    • Levels Good: TLO, CLO, Evap Refrigerant, Gov, Evap Water, Cond Water
    • Condenser Water Aligned: TLOC, CLOC, GSEC
    • Air Layup: Off
    • Turbine Casing Drains: Open
    • Air Ejectors: Air Vent Open, Airlines To Surface Condenser Open
    • Overspeed Trip: Reset
    • Hotwell Level: Close Drain, Fill To 22 Inches & Leave RO Cracked. Condensate Lined Up.
    • Warm Ups: Steam From Header To Chiller, Drains Open And Dry Steam Coming Out.
    • Warm Ups: Trip Throttle Inlet Drain Open Slightly
    • Warm Ups: 150# Line As Req
    • Place Flows: Condenser 3000 GPM, Chillwater 2000 GPM
  2. #1 Chiller (Startup/Slowroll)
    • Preops: Completed
    • Hotwell Pump: Started
    • Alarms On MOD30's: Acknowledged, And If Needed The RESET TRIP Button On Far Right Is Pressed.
    • Press Tag On Far Right ML Until Start Oil System Appears. Press Start Then YES.
    • Compressor MOP/Turbine AOP Will Start. Compressor Will Go To Run Seal. Speed To 0/Vanes To 16
    • ML Screen Will Read ALIGN SEAL POT HEATER. Verify Alignment, Then Hit ENTER.
    • The Controls Will Latch The Trip Throttle Valve And The Far Right ML Should Read CHILLER ON.
    • Crack Trip Throttle Valve And Commence Slow Roll At 500-800 RPM. Monitor Turbine Casing Drains To Be Sure All Condensate Is Out. Slow Roll For 30 Minutes.
  3. #1 Chiller (Ramping Up)
    • Slow Roll: Complete
    • Air Ejectors Lined Up: Outlets And Steam Inlets Open. Gland Exhaust Lined Up.
    • Steam Supply Open: Set To 150# And 80#. Gland Seal Between .5-4.0 Psi.
    • Secure Turbine Casing Drains.
    • Increase Flows: Condenser Water To 9000 Gpm, Chillwater To 4500 Gpm
    • Open Trip Throttle Valve As Vacuum Increases Until Turbine Is On The Governor.
    • Adjust Speed/Vanes To Load The Chiller. When Complete Place Vanes In Auto.
  4. #1 Chiller (Securing)
    • Vanes to 16 % and speed to 0%.
    • NOTE: Ensure #3 Boiler =>35Kpph or #2 Boiler =>55Kpph Control Cogen AR
    • Place Turbine/Compressor AUXILIARY OIL PUMP controller to MANUAL and start pumps.
    • Close trip throttle valve
    • Close 600# Valve
    • Close 150#
    • Secure seal pot heater
    • Align air heater lay-up system and adjust airflow to 3-5 CFM.
      • Close turbine casing drains.
      • Energize air htr sw THEN adj flow 3-5 CFM on sight-glass.
      • Open lower casing vent.

    • Vacuum is under 10" Press Hotwell pump STOP button and drain hotwell.
    • Open turbine casing drains.
    • Place chiller on shutdown seal as follows:
      • Verify: Lube oil cooler in/out temps and comp bearing temp are within 10o F of each other
      • Clear alarms on ML.
      • Reset OPERATOR TRIP on TRIPS ML on far right.
      • Place COMPRESSOR MAIN OIL PUMP in manual, issue STOP.
      • NOTE: Have assistant operator verify shaft movement when placing on shutdown seal
      • Press shutdown seal AUTO/MAN button; indications will read CHILLER ON SHUTDOWN SEAL.
    • Remove Chill water and Condenser water flows from Chiller.
    • Inform the Lead Operator that #1 Chiller is secured and shut down seal is on.
    • Enter into Operators Daily Log.
    Determine the cause of the trip either by looking at the white bar on the bottom of the chiller screen or by tagging through the appropriate ML.

    Correct the malfunction and clear the alarms.

    Reset the Chiller on the far right ML. Fail this and you won't get slowroll.

    Verify that your oil pumps are in manual and on. You can manipulate them back to auto after you are back online and making chilled water.

    Close the trip throttle valve fully.

    If the shaft is still turning and the vacuum hasn’t broken, begin to open the trip throttle valve slowly to get the machine back onto the governor. If the shaft has stopped or vacuum was broken, place the chiller back in service using the appropriate steps in the PLACING IN OPERATION section of this procedure.
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