Future Tense Spanish Sentences

  1. El año que viene, viajarán a Argentina.
    Next year they will travel to Argentina.)
  2. Iré al gimnasio mañana por la mañana
    I will go to the gym tomorrow morning.
  3. Serán las doce
    It's probably 12 o'clock.
  4. Estará leyendo.
    She's most likely reading.
  5. Comerás las vegetales.
    You WILL eat your vegetables.
  6. Volverás a casa antes de las 12.
    You WILL come home before 12 o'clock.
  7. When are 3 times when the future tense is used?
    1.To refer to events in the future.

    2.To indicate probability or likelihood.

    3. To convey an intense command.
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