Spanish Conditional Sentences

  1. Si tengo dinero, me iré de viaje.
    If I have money, I'll go on a trip.
  2. Si la casa es usada, le aconsejamos que un profesional la inspeccione.
    If the house is used, we advise that you have a professional inspect it.
  3. Si sales, salgo también.
    If you leave, I'm leaving too.
  4. Si gana Sam, voy a llorar.
    If Sam wins, I'll cry.
  5. Si yo fuera tú, tomaría una responsabilidad propia.
    If I were you, I would take appropriate responsibility.
  6. What are the two types of Si clauses that become part of a conditional sentence?
    1. Sentences in which the condition is likely or reasonably likely.

    2. Sentences in which the condition is contrary to fact or is unlikely.
  7. Si yo tuviera dinero, habría ido al cine.
    If I had the money, I would go to the movies.
  8. Si ella hubiera tenido dinero, iría al cine.
    If she had had the money, she would have gone to the movies.
  9. Si ganara Sam, lloraría
    If Sam were to win, I'd cry.
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