sacre scripture semester 1; tunstill

  1. apocalypse
    revelation of future events
  2. apocalyptic literature
    describes divine intervention and the beginning of a new age
  3. alexander the great
    philips son, defeated the persian army, unified f&w
  4. philip of macedon
    unified the warring greek city states
  5. aristotle
    alexanders tutor, greek philosopher
  6. antiochus III
    seleucid ruler
  7. rome
    emerging as a superpower, chased antiochus back to asia
  8. tobit
    becomes blind
  9. sarah
    widowed 7 times
  10. raphael
    mediator at gods throne to bring sarah and tobit deliverance from persecution
  11. book of daniel
    to encourage suffering jews
  12. legend
    unverifiable stories passed from generations and accepted as true
  13. antiochus IV epiphanes
    unified his people in preparation for threats
  14. zeus
    major greek god
  15. judas maccabeus
  16. maccabee
  17. hasmonean dynasty
    descendants of maccabee fam
  18. herod the great
    attempted to kill the jews
  19. herod antipas
    responsible for esecution of john the baptist & returning jesus to pilate
  20. hero, saved judah
  21. diaspora
    community of jews scattered around isreal
  22. evangelization
    giving witness to ones faith by proclaiming good news
  23. francis xavier
    japanese military work (jesuits)
  24. ignatius of loyola
    formed society of jesus
  25. jesuits
    society of jesus
  26. cyrus the great
    persian king called messiah,coinquered persian empire
  27. nebucheneezar
    babylonian king, conquered kingdom of judah
  28. daniel & 1 &2 @ maccabees
    describe resurrection
  29. judith
    defeated holofernes
  30. idumaeons
    forced to accept judaism by hasmonean ruler john hycranus
  31. 597 bce
    babylonian exile
  32. 539 bce
    cyrus the great conquers babylo
  33. 336 bce
    alexander becomes king of macedon and defeats persia
  34. 142 bce
    maccabean revolt and jewish independence
  35. 33 ce
    jesus resurrection
  36. 70 ce
    rome destroys jerusalem
  37. divided kingdon
    result of division of isreal into isreal and judah
  38. kingdom of judah
    south kingdom that existed from solomons death to destruction of the temple
  39. prophecy
    words of god, delivered thropugh a spokesperson who generally calls for isrealites to live justly and avoid idolatary
  40. minor prophets
    have short books named for them
  41. amos
    shephard before being called for god
  42. divine justice
    moral standard by which god judges human conduct
  43. hosea
    uses martial allegory
  44. allegory
    symbolic characters that rep religious truths or generalizations about human nature
  45. gomer
    hoseas unfaithful wife
  46. tribute
    a monetary payment to a stronger nation for protection
  47. elijah
    public showdown with the priests of baal
  48. salt
    symbol of fidelity
  49. jezebel
    wife of ahad
  50. elisha
    replaced elijah
  51. micah
    prophet who called the isrealites to act with justice
  52. nineveh
    assyrias most important city
  53. josiah
    king whom under a reform of judaism took place
  54. isaiah
    greatest prophet of the old testament
  55. remanant
    portion of gods people spared of punishment cause remained faithful to the covenant
  56. personal faith
    calls one to yearn for a relationship with their creator and live in obedience to gods will, live justly
  57. sufffering servant
    messiah who saves by suffering
  58. nahum
    portrayed god as an avenger but with mercy
  59. babylonian exile
    babylonians forced people of judah to migrate to babylon
  60. exiles
    people banished from homelands
  61. jeremiah
    preached replacement of the covenant on mount sineai
  62. idolatry
    the honoring and revering of a creature in the place of god
  63. rabbis
    jewish teachers and spiritual leaders
  64. ban
    everything in a captured city is devoted to god by being destroyed
  65. sign
    points beyond itself
  66. isrelaites
    a people who become a great nation from the cannaanites,hapiru,shasu,sea peoples and original hebrews
  67. sedar meal
    celebrated during passover, recalls exodus
  68. ruth
    presents a god of compassion
  69. ramses II
    pharoh who enslaved the hebrews
  70. talmud
    collection of jewish oral law and commentary
  71. judge
    brave charismatic military leader animated by the spirit of god
  72. hebrews
    people enslaved by egypt, become known as isreal
  73. prophets
    divine messengers who see a message from god
  74. jews
    people who resettles in the area of judah
  75. wonder
    something that instills marvel in people due to its astonishing nature
  76. st.joan of arc
    one of the most famous warrioirs inspired by faith
  77. sea people
    different groupd of people who migrated from the aegan sea
  78. deuteronomy
    people will succeed or fail depending on how they follow the law
  79. baal
    cannanite fertility god
  80. holy war
    isrealites had god on their side to offset their insignificant military disadvantage
  81. deborah
    prophetess rather than a warrior
  82. gleaning
    gathering grain in the fields, left behind the reapers
  83. passover
    celebrated as the deliverance of the 10th plague
  84. leviticus
    handbook for worship, priests are instructed by god through moses to tell people of isreall about all of gods statues
  85. merneptah stele
    first written record of the term isreal
  86. deuteronomic theology states that
    we are responsible to god for our actions
  87. joshua
    led isreal
  88. book of judges narrates
    12 judges
  89. samson
    flawed leader who had a heroic death
  90. jael
    women who killed s cannacite army general
  91. became ancestor of king david
  92. judgment speeches
    bad news
  93. oracles of slavation
    good news
  94. samuel
    prophte and judge
  95. theocracy
    nation ruled by god
  96. messiah
    anointed one, singled out for leadership
  97. messianism
    belief in a messiah as the savior of the people
  98. christos
    greek for anointed one
  99. king david
    fulfilled the role of messiah-king in earthly practical sense
  100. chrism
    oil used for anointing
  101. david
    hero messiah
  102. jesus
    prophet messiah
  103. monarchy
    political and religious unit ruled by a single head of state
  104. dynasty
    kings decendants who continue to rule in succession
  105. davidic line
    decendants of david
  106. hannah
    mother of samuel
  107. saul
    king who was troubled and restless
  108. jonathon
    sauls son
  109. michal
    sauls daughter who married david
  110. david
    courageous and faithful leader
  111. soloman
    son of david and bathsheba
  112. rehoboam
    succeded solomon
  113. shofar
    rams horn, beginning of new year
  114. shavu'ot
    marks the end of spring and reception of the 10 commandments
  115. menorah
    nine branched candelabrum
  116. virtues
    good moral and spiritual habits that help make good decidions
  117. theological virtues
    gifts from god that are rooted in god, directed toward him and reflect his presence in our lives
  118. cardinal virtues
    principal moral virtues help lead a moral life
  119. faith
    believeing in god and all he has revealed and that the church proposes our belief
  120. vocation
    ones call to love and serve god and others
  121. acrostic
    ordered poem, the first letters of the individual lines or verses form their own pattern
  122. ezekial
    prophet whose interest in the temple and liturgy is unequaled
  123. second isaiah
    deutero isaiah
  124. saint rose philippine duchesne
    dreamed of helping native americans
  125. quah-kah-ka-num-ad
    women who prays always
  126. new moses
  127. beatitudes are in
    new testament
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