History Short questions

  1. What is a Secondary Source?
    A source which comes after the time being studied. e.g. :History book , Biography
  2. What is meant by Hunter gatherers?
    The earliest Irish People hunted animals , caught fish and gathered berries and hazelnuts. This is where the term Hunter Gatherers comes from. They were Nomadic.
  3. Two types of tombs from neolithic Ireland?
    Court Cairn, Portel Dolmen
  4. The Two metals used during the bronze age?
    Copper and Tin
  5. Two stages In Craftsmen's Training?
    Journeyman , Apprentice
  6. What was the role of a guild ?
    A guild was an organisation that regulated the business of a craft. hey controlled the standard of craftsmanship and set the price of goods
  7. Refectory ?
    Where the monks ate together
  8. Two reasons why people thought the Catholic Church needed to be reformed ?
    • The abuses in the church- Pluralism, simony, nepotism, absenteeism.
    • Sale of indulgences
  9. What Language did early Monks use o write manuscripts?
  10. What was Inquisition during the Reformation?
    A church court which tried people who were accused of heresy.
  11. Two british rulers who ordered plantations in Ireland?
    Queen Elizabeth , Queen Mary.
  12. One Reason The Industrial Revolution Began in Britain?
    Rise in population let to a greater demand for food and feul.
  13. Contribution made by John MacAdam During the Industrial Revolution?
    Improved roads
  14. Why Were only 27 TDs present at the first Dáil meeting on 21st January 1919?
    Many of the TDs were on the run or in jail.
  15. One reason Ireland was Neutral during the Emergency.
    To show Ireland's Independence from Britain
  16. One National Project Promoted by Dr. Noel Browne.
    The Mother and Child scheme
  17. Two Important decisions made by the Government of Séan Lemass
    • Applied to join the EEC,
    • Adopted First Programme for Economic Expansion
  18. In Mussolinis Italy who were the squadristi?
    Mussolini’s uniformed followers, The Blackshirts
  19. Bristish Prime Minister Who attended the Munich Conference, September 1938
  20. One reason there was a division in Europe at the end of World War 2
    Fear of communism
  21. Prehistory?
    The period before written records
  22. Two advances made by Neolithic People?
    • They were Irelands First Farmers
    • Discovered Pottery
  23. Two types of dwelling places in Celtic ireland?
    Crannóg , Hill fort
  24. Explain a Torc and Aos Dána
    • A type of necklace/ Jewellery
    • People who had special skills- Judges, Druids , Filí and craftsmen
  25. Two Defensive Features of a Norman Castle
    Drawbridge and A moat
  26. What was Chivilary ?
    • A Knights Code of conduct
    • The knight promised to be : truthful and loyal, Corteous to the poor , and To protect women and children
  27. Explain Serf and tithe
    • A farm worker at the bottom of the social scale. They were not free and needed the permission of their Lord to travel to the next town
    • One-tenth of worker’s produce that was given to the priest
  28. Two reasons the renaissance began in Italy
    • The Ruins of ancient rome were inspiring
    • The wealth of italian Cities, Wealthy traders , Politicians and popes were willing to sponsor artists
  29. Two Developments in science or medicine during the renaissance
    • The Invention of the Telescope
    • Planetary Motions
    • Isaac Newton discovered he laws of gravity
  30. One way the Agricultural Revolution Contributed to the Industrial Revolution
    • The population increased because of more and better food and this provided workers for the factories
    • The population increase meant more customers to buy goods
  31. Turnpike Trusts?
    Trusts were companies which took over sections of roads. They Erected toll gates and charged carts and Carraiges. They were set up to maintain and improve roads
  32. One action taken by the British Government to deal with The great famine
    Set up Soup kitchens
  33. Two Causes of the Irish Revolution
    • Ideas Of the French Revolution Inspired Ireland
    • Use of terror by the Government
  34. What Change Happened as a result of the Act of Union 1801?
    Ireland lost its parliament in Dublin
  35. Two reasons why Sinn Fein won the 1918 General election ?
    • The Irish people now wanted a Republic
    • Sinn Fein opposition to conscription ( The Conscription Crisis)
  36. What was the Munster Republic?
    • The area south of a line from Limerick to Waterford line where the Anti-Treaty forces were strongest
    • An IRA or Republican stronghold
  37. Two Political Parties the were Part of the first inter-party Government
    • Fine Gael
    • Labour
    • Clann na Poblachta
  38. The Taoiseach and the British PM who signed the Anglo-Irish Agreement
    Garret Fitzgerald AND Margaret Thatcher
  39. What did hitler and stailin agree in the Nazi-Soviet Pact 1939?
    • Not to go to war with one another
    • To divide Poland between them
  40. One Decision made by the Allied leaders at the Yalta conference 1945
    That post-war Germany would be divided into four zones
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