THS 502E Exam III

  1. What is the difference between Ordo Salutis and Historia Salutis
    Order Salutis is the logical order of the elements of salvation.

    Historia Salutis is how God worked in my life history to accomplish salvation.
  2. Define Election (Wesleyan)
    Before the foundation of the world, God, on the basis of foreknown human faith, chose in Christ individuals to be heirs of eternal life.
  3. Define Election (Calvinistic)
    Before the foundation of the world, God chose certain individuals to be recipients of eternal life solely on the basis of His gracious purpose apart from any human merit or action.
  4. Define General or Common Grace
    God's non-redemptive goodness extended to all persons
  5. Define Prevenient Grace
    "God..restores to the sinner the ability to make a favorable response to God."
  6. Define Effectual (Particular, Irresistible) Grace
    The gracious act of the Holy Spirit in the heart of the elect that infallibly leads to conviction of sin and belief in the gospel.
  7. Define Grace
    God's unmerited favor, unconditional acceptance

    God's empowerment and equipping

    God's elivening and cleansing from sin
  8. Define Repentance
    A change of mind about who God is and what is truly important in life.
  9. 3 Parts of Faith
    Notitia--Knowledge of the facts

    Assensus--Accent, agreement that it is true

    Fiducia--Entrustment, commitment, saying "I will go with it"
  10. Calvin's definition of faith
    Faith if the firm and certain knowledge of God's benevolence towards us, founded upon the truth of the freely given promise in Christ, both revealed to our minds and sealed upon our hearts through the Holy Spirit.
  11. Define Regeneration
    It is the implantation of the new heart, the change of the deep values from which our acts adn attitudes come. It is the change of the basic disposition, direction of the person.
  12. Define Justification
    God's gracious act of declaring a sinner righteous based on the righteousness of Christ
  13. Define Sanctification
    Is being set apart to God for service and progressive ethical and moral conforming to Christ.
  14. Old/New man
    Old/New nature
  15. Nature of Redemptive Grace
    (State and Defend)
    God show common grace to all through creation and conscience, and offers salvation to all who will believe, but there is a redeeming grace that enables the elect, the ones whom God has chosen, to believe and be saved.

    • Rom 10:13
    • John 6: 37, 39, 40, 44, 65
    • Rom 8:30

    What about John 12:32? This speaks of universal attraction and when looked at in the context of the rest of scripture still allows for people to effectually called.
  16. Nature of Sanctification
    Christians are set apart by God and are going through the process of progressive sanctification, whereby they are being conformed into the image of Christ. In this process we must pursue holiness through the putting off of the old mand and the putting on of the new man. All of this is done through the enabling work of God.

    • 1 Cor. 1:2
    • Rom 8:29 2 Cor. 3:18 Rom 12:1-2
    • Col 3:5-17
    • Phil 2:12-13 Jn. 15:5
    • Confession--Accept forgiveness and cleansing--Put off--Put on

    ?? Isn't sanctification just trusting Christ to live in me? cf. Gal 2:20??

    • Ignores the passages that call for believer to act.
    • 2 Cor. 7:1 Heb 12:14 Phil. 2:12 Col 3:5-17
  17. Perserverance of the believer
    (State and Defend)
    Salvation is attained by the grace of God and that salvation is eternally secure by the grace of God. There is nothing we can do to earn salvation and there is nothing we can do to lose salvation once we have it.

    • John 10:26-30
    • Rom. 8:28-39
    • Phil. 1:6
    • 1 Pet. 1:3-5

    • ??What about Heb 6:4-6??
    • Confusing passage, indicates a loss of reward, need to look at it in the context of the rest of Scripture
    • 1 Jn. 2:19
  18. Cottrell--The Faith Once for All
    • Conditions of salvation--faith, repentance, confession
    • Assurance of salvation--we can be assured, but not unconditional perseverance
    • Predestination--based on foreknowledge of human faith
  19. Radmacher--Salvation
    • What is faith?
    • We are saved through faith in Christ and that is seperate from repentance.
    • Repentance and faith are not both a part of conversion
    • John's gospel never addresses repentance.
  20. Packer--Rediscovering Holiness
    Discusses the basic truths of holiness and different aspects of holiness
  21. Grider--A Wesleyan-Holiness Theology
    A explaination and defence of entire sanctification, but not of the modern tongue speaking movement.
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