DH Theory 2

  1. factors that compromise an individuals immune system and play a significant role in the affect of periodontal pathogenic microorganisms
    host factors
  2. controllable factors that are related to lifestyle, habits, and treatable systemic diseases that influence periodontal disease
    risk factors
  3. What are 3 types of factors that require a greater effort for the control of periodontal problems? and examples?
    • genetic predisposition
    • congenital immunodeficiencies
    • systemic conditions
    • ex: MS, Lupus, CP, down syndrome, autism
  4. Name 3 medication/drugs that lead to gingival enlargement, ths increaseing the potential for periodontal infections
    • phenytoin
    • cyclosporine
    • nifedipine
  5. What is phenytoin used to treat?
    used to control seizures
  6. What is cyclosporine used for?
    immunosuppressant drug for pts with organ transplants to prevent rejection
  7. whay is nifedipine used for?
    the treatment of angina and ventricular arhythmias
  8. true or false. The use of tobacco in any form is a major risk factor for periodontal involvement
  9. true or false. diabetes increases the susceptibility to periodontal infections. Periodontal treatment improves the metabolic control of diabetes
    both statements are true
  10. Name 2 'other' systemic conditions that influence periodontal disease
    • osteoperosis
    • psychosocial factors
  11. Name 2 psychosocial factors of periodontal disease
    • social strain
    • stress
  12. Stress is considered a factor in the etiology of _______ ______ _______
    necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis (NUG)
  13. **missed on quiz. 60% of relationships of enamel and cementum are: enamel overlapping cementum/cementum overlapping enamel?
    cementum overlapping enamel
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