Community- ch.1,2,3

  1. _____: a population group
  2. _______: systematic data collection about a population. This includes monitoring the populations health status and providing info. about the health of the community
  3. _______: the public health role of making sure that essential community- oriented health services are available.
  4. ________: occurs outside an institution. Services are provided to individuals and families in a community
    community- based
  5. _________: the provision of acute care and care for chronic health problems to individuals and families in the community.
    Community- based nursing
  6. _________: nursing practice in the community, with the primary focus on the health care of individuals, families, and groups in a community. The goal is to preserve, protect, promote, or maintain health.
    community health nursing
  7. _________: nursing that has as its primary focus the health care of either the community or a population of individuals, families, and groups.
    community- oriented nursing
  8. ___________: broader in scope than community- based practice. A form of care in which the nurse provides health care after doing a community diagnosis to determine what conditions need to be altered so that indv., families, and groups in the community to stay healthy.
    Community- oriented pracitce
  9. _________: providing leadership in developing policies that support the health of the population
    policy development
  10. __________: a collection of people who share one or more personal or environmental characteristics
  11. ___________: emphasizes populations who live in a community.
    population- focused
  12. ___________: the core of public health, a practice that emphasizes health protection, health promotion, and disease prevention of a population
    population- focused practice
  13. _______: both primary care and public health services that are designed to meet the basic needs of people in communities at an affordable cost.
    primary health care services
  14. _________: community efforts designed to prevent disease and promote health. It can be what members of society do collectively to ensure conditions that support health.
    public health
  15. _________: these include assessment, policy development, and assurance.
    public health core functions
  16. __________: a specialty of nursing that synthesizes nursing, social, and public health sciences to provide care to populations.
    public health nursing
  17. _________: services designed to detect and treat disease in the early acute stage.
    secondary health care services
  18. _________: subsets of the population who share similar characteristics.
  19. __________: services designed to limit the progression of disease or disability.
    tertiary health care services
  20. _______: members are baccalaureate and higher degree nursing education programs. The association serves as the national voice for these programs.
    American association of colleges of nursing (AACN)
  21. _______: a national association for registered nurses in the United States, founded in 1896 as the Nurses associated alumnae of the U.S. and Canada
    American nurses association (ANA)
  22. ______: national organization founded in 1872 to facilitate interdisciplinary efforts and promote public health.
    American public health association (APHA)
  23. ________: a national organization founded in 1881 through the efforts of Clara Barton that today seeks to reduce human suffering through health, safety, and disaster- relief programs in affiliation with the international committee of the red cross.
    American Red Cross
  24. _______: pioneering nurse who established the Frontier Nursing Service to deliver community health services to families in rural Kentucky.
    Mary Breckinridge
  25. _______: a system in public health nursing in which a nurse was assigned to a geographic district in a town to provide a variety of health services for its residents.
    district nursing
  26. _______: provides community health services to rural families in Ky. Begun in 1925 by Mary Breckinridge when she developed outpost centers throuhgout the mountain areas in Ky to provide midwifery and nursing, medical, and dental care. A hospital was established and began operating in Hyden, Ky, in 1935.
    Frontier Nursing Service (FNS)
  27. _______: an early term for visiting nursing. Begun in Boston, it emphasized health education and care to families.
    instructive district nursing
  28. _______: a life insurance company that provided home nursing services for its beneficiaries and their families from 1909 to 1952.
    Metropolitan life insurance company
  29. _________: a national nursing organization that began as the american society of superintendents of training schools of nursing and later the national league for nursing education.
    National league for nursing (NLN)
  30. ________: an English nurse who is credited with establishing nursing as a discipline
    Florence Nightingale
  31. ________: agencies operated by state or local governments to provide a wide range of public health services, including community and public health nursing services.
    official health agencies
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