English Lesson 7

  1. wan
    adj.-suggestive of poor health; sickly
  2. eminent
    adj.- standing out so as to be noted
  3. hardy
    adj.-bold or brave
  4. harrowing
    tv-to plunder
  5. illicit
    adj.- not permitted or unlawful
  6. illimitable
    adj.- incapable of being bounded
  7. illusory
    adj.- based on deception
  8. lament
    iv-to mourn aloud; wail
  9. lampoon
    noun- a harsh satire usually directed against an individual
  10. languid
    adj- sluggish in character or disposition; slow, weak
  11. abjure
    tv- to reject solemnly
  12. maladroit
    adj.- lacking skill, cleverness, and sense of reason
  13. natal
    adj.- relating to, or present at birth
  14. nebulous
    adj.- relating to or resembling clouds of gas in interstellar space
  15. oblivious
    adj.- lacking memory or mindful attemtion
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