biology chapter 1

  1. Define Kingdoms
    all creatures can be categorized into six groups or kingdoms
  2. Metabolism
    the transfer of energy from one form to another in cells
  3. homeostasis
    organisms act to keep their interior conditions relatively constant
  4. levels of organization
    • cellular
    • organismal
    • populational
  5. population
    a group of of the same species living in the same place
  6. community
    all the populations of different species living together in one place
  7. species
    all the populations of a particular kind of organism together form a species its members are similar in appearance and able to interbreed
  8. ecosystem
    a biological community and the soil and water within which it lives together
  9. natural selection
    those organisms whose characteristics make them better able to survive the challenges of their environment live to reproduce passing their favorable characteristics on to their offspring
  10. artificial selection
    characteristics selected by breeders to exhibit exaggerated characteristics
  11. deductive reasoning
    using general principals to explain specific observations
  12. inductive reasoning
    the way of discovering general principals by careful examination of specific cases
  13. control experiment
    we do not alter the variable
  14. theory
    a higher degree of certainty
  15. scientific method
    the collection of data through observation and experiment and the formulation and testing of hypotheses
  16. cell theory
    all organisms are composed of cells and all cells come from other cells
  17. gene theory
    all organisms on earth encode their genes in strands of DNA
  18. theory of heredity
    the genes of an organism are inherited as discrete units
  19. theory of evolution
    attributes the diversity of the living world to natural selection
  20. archaea
    kingdom of prokaryotes (the simplest of cells that do not have a nuclei)
  21. bacteria
    the second of the two prokaryotic kingdoms
  22. protista
    most of the unicellular eukaryotes (those who cells contain a nucleus) are grouped into this kingdom
  23. fungi
    non photosynthetic organisms mostly multicellular who digest their food externally
  24. plantae
    photosynthetic multicellular organisms that are terrestrial
  25. animalia
    non photosynthetic multicellular organisms that digest their food internally
  26. list the 6 kingdoms
    • archaea
    • bacteria
    • protista
    • fungi
    • plantae
    • animalia
  27. 5 properties shared by all living things
    • cellular organization
    • metabolism
    • homeostasis
    • growth and reproduction
    • heredity
  28. cellular level
    • atoms
    • molecules
    • macromolecules
    • organelles
    • cells
  29. organismal level
    • tissues
    • organs
    • organ systems
    • organism
  30. populational level
    • population
    • species
    • community
    • ecosystem
  31. list the 4 core ideas of biology
    • cell theory
    • gene theory
    • theory of heredity
    • theory of evolution
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