Grounding Requirements for a Single Dwelling 030203e.txt

  1. If you wished to know the requirements for attaching a grounding conductor to a water pipe electrode you would check in the subsection titled "Grounding and Bonding Conductor Connections". True False
    True 10-902
  2. Which of the following metal parts of non-electrical equipment shall be bonded to ground ?
    • A) tracks and frames of electric cranes
    • B) protective grill work around 1000 V conductors
    • C) rural residential water supply systems
    • D) all of the above
  3. The term "grounded" means connected effectually with the general mass of earth through a grounding path of sufficiently low impedance and having an ampacity sufficient at all times, under the most severe conditions which are liable to arise in practice, to prevent any current in the grounding conductor from causing a harmful voltage to exist. True False
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Grounding Requirements for a Single Dwelling 030203e.txt
Grounding Requirements for a single Dwelling