Spanish-Darse Echarse

  1. dar a
    to face, to look out upon
  2. dar con
    to run into
  3. dar a conocer
    to make known
  4. dar cuerda
    to wind
  5. dar gritos
    to shout, to scream
  6. dar la hora
    to strike (the hour)
  7. dar las gracias
    to thank
  8. dar recuerdos a
    to give regards to
  9. dar un abrazo
    to hug
  10. dar un paseo
    to take a walk
  11. dar una vuelta
    to take a walk
  12. dar un paseo en coche
    to go for a ride
  13. dar una vuelta en coche
    to go for a ride
  14. darse cuenta de (que)
    to realize (that)
  15. darse la mano
    to shake hands
  16. darse prisa
    to hurry
  17. echar (una carta, tarjeta, etc.)
    to mail (a letter, card, etc.)
  18. echar la culpa
    to blame
  19. echar(se) a perder
    to spoil, to ruin, to lose its good taste
  20. echar de menos a alguien
    to miss someone
  21. echarse a reir
    to burst out laughing
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