The Development of the NEC

  1. Proposals and comments sent to the National Fire Protection Association to change NFPA-70, the NEC, may be submitted by?
    Anyone who is interested
  2. Actions taken by the Technical Committee or Code-Making Panel require a______vote at the ROP or ROC meeting for passage.
    Simple Majority
  3. Actions taken by the technical Committee or Code- Making panel, require ________ vote on the written ballot of the ROP or ROC for passage.
    two thirds
  4. The National Electrical Code is an ANSI document, which means it is developed through a ________standards development process.
  5. The committee membership classification "U" designates a person representing ______.
    Users: users of the NEC
  6. When a comment is submitted containing new material which did not have public review in the ROP, the action taken by the CMP will be to _______.
  7. A panel statement is required on all actions taken in the proposal and comment stages except for an action to _______
  8. The first step in the NEC revision process is the ________.
    proposal stage
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