History Test 8 Grade 11 Part 2

  1. three issues of importance during the age of industry.
    (tarrifs, currency and civil service).
  2. The progressive leaders
    (Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson)
  3. The Wright brothers
  4. Titanic
  5. Henry Ford
    Assembly Line
  6. KDKA
    First Radio Station
  7. The Bandit in Mexico
    Pancho Villa
  8. Platt amendment
    cuba had to pay america their debts back
  9. the center of life in America
  10. 19th Amendment
    Gave woman the right to vote
  11. 17th amendment
    gave the people the right to choose their senators directly
  12. underwood simmons bill
    taxed peoples incomes
  13. federal reserve act
    created a central banking system under the authority of the federal government
  14. McKinley Died
  15. America payed how much to spain for philippines after the war
    20 million
  16. The populist party had a slogan that
    The government ought to do something about it
  17. Grover Cleveland
    opposed a group of people at Tammony Hall
  18. Pendelton Act
    • Was passed in 1883
    • (civil servants had to be qualified for a job)
  19. To make sure farmers would not give food to rebels they passed the?
    The Reconcentration Order
  20. USS Baltimore
    was sunk and caused a dispute with chili
  21. The insular cases
    made american question whether Cubans would posses what Americans Posses.
  22. The pago Pago
    was a coaling station
  23. CSS alabama
    a ship that caused dispute with England.
  24. The Boxer Rebellion of 1900
    In china
  25. the mann-Elkins Act
    strengthened the interstate commerce commision
  26. panama canal
    opened for use in 1914
  27. George Gouthels
    the engineer in Panama Canal
  28. The Hay-Bangu-Varilla
    A treaty that allowed Americans the right to build the panama Canal
  29. in 1950
    Guam became U.S. Territory
  30. Puorto Rico
    an unorganized territory for America through what act the foraker act.
  31. The spanish american war was in
  32. Treaty of Paris
    ended the war of America and Spain
  33. Leonard Wood
    The rough riders were under his leadershipw
  34. the sinking of the main was done in
  35. The island called Tutulia
    were part of the American possession known as the American Samoa.
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