History test 8 (grade 11) part 1

  1. Oliver Kelley
    founded the Grainge
  2. Jay Gould
    The one involved in black Friday when money markets crashed.
  3. Thomas Reed
    The Speaker of the house (great orator)
  4. William Jennings Bryan
    involved in the cross of gold. (farmers more important mining). Orator who was a presidential candidate.
  5. Chester Arthur
    passed the Pendleton Act
  6. William Seward
    secretary of state who negotiated for the purchase of Alaska.
  7. Liliuokalani
    A queen who disapproved the white settlers in Hawaii.
  8. Commodore George Dewey
    Brought US victory in Philippines.
  9. Colonel Leonard Wood
    Led the rough riders in Cuba.
  10. William H. Tuft
    The first civil governor of the Philippines.
  11. President Roosevelt
    Negotiated an agreement with Japan. (Gentlemans agreement) he expanded the Monroe doctrine. Sent the great white fleet around the world.
  12. U.S. Grant
    Summerized his foreign policy with the slogan “speak soflty and carry a big stick”
  13. Grover Cleveland
    Only peresident to serve 2 terms not after the other.(first democratic president after civil war)the greatest orator of all time. One of the candidates for president.
  14. James Cooke
    Founded Hawaii in 1878.
  15. William S. Gorgas
    a doctor who found a cure for malaria in Panama.
  16. Rutherford Hayes
    19th president of America, remembered for bringing reforms to the civil service.
  17. Guglielmo Marconi
    wireless telephone
  18. Upton Sinclair
    wrote the jungle
  19. Gifford Pinchot
    Roosevelts forester.
  20. Victoriano Huerta
    Mexican Dictator.
  21. Walter Reed
    Found cure and eliminated yellow fever in Cuba.
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